We should strive to live Honest life : Monalisa Parida, Poet and Author

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Monalisa Parida is fast emerging among the young prolific poets and authors of English language in the country.

She belongs to eastern state of Odisha. In an exclusive interview with Heaven Mail, she talks to Rameez Makhdoomi.

Tell us a bit about early days ?
I Monalisa Parida am a post graduate student of English literature from India, Odisha and a prolific writer. I have been very active in social media platforms and my poems have also been translated into different languages and published in various e-journals.
I have got 100 international awards for writing poetry. My poems have been published in international e-journals “New York parrot”, “The Writers Club” (USA), “Suriyadoya literary foundation”, “Kabita Minar”, “Indian Periodical” (India) and “Offline Thinker “, “The Gorkha Times “ ( Nepal), “The Light House”(Portugal), “Bharatvision”(Romania), “International cultural forum for humanity and creativity” (Aleppo, Syria), “Atunispoetry.com”(Singapore) etc. And also published in various newspapers like “The Punjabi Writer Weekly (USA)”, “News Kashmir (J&K, India)”, Republic of Sungurlu (Turkey)” etc.
One of my poems published in an American anthology named “The Literary Parrot Series-1 and series-2 respectively (New York, USA)”. My poems have been translated in various languages like Hindi, Bengali, Turkish, Persian, Romanian etc.
Nowadays I am still busy with her writings.
I was born in a middle poor class family with 3 sisters. My father as a sole earning member of the family, struggled as a skilled mechanic to make sure that her daughters continued their studies without any break until the life of these three daughters are settled. The family had an unflinching faith in the village Goddess who always had a blessing hand over the family to protect and sustain in thick and thin.

A bit about your academic journey?
I as Monalisa Parida hails from a small village named Chhoti, Kendrapada, Odisha, India. Where there are no more facilities in education after higher secondary. But I have completed my post graduation from IGNOU. MY academic journey was very difficult and struggling. After many struggles I got a post graduation degree securing a first class division. Having come from village Odia medium schools & local Odia medium colleges, my love for the English language is a noteworthy achievement. The pinnacle of glory for me is that an English poem written by my on village life has been chosen by the Nepali educational department as a piece of subject in their secondary school level classes.

Tell us about books you have authored?
I have at a very young age been already credited with three books: Search for Serenity (collection of English poems), Paradigm (English poems) & My Favourite Grammar Book.

Your favourite authors?
My favourite authors are great authors like William Wordsworth, William Shakespeare, John Donne, W.B. Yeats to name a few.

How do you see Growth of literature in Odisha ?

Since Odisha is slightly a poor state and people are engaged in earning a basic livelihood, interest on literature is lacking. Government and private organisations hold periodic book festivals in various district headquarters and Bhubaneswar. Publishing houses are less in Odisha and have to rely from printing presses in Kolkata, Delhi, Mumbai. Whatever available in Odisha publishing vise are very expensive for budding writers.Still, many talented young writers are emerging in Odisha.
What are your favourite genres to write ?
My favourite genres to write are Non-fiction and poetry.

Your message?
My message is that all citizens should always strive to live a life of non-violence, a corrupt free, honest and pollution free environment. To that glorious future may all get appropriate education and training.

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