Kashmiri Pandits have an existential stake

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The ethnic cleansing and exile of Kashmiri Pandits is entirely bigoted, communal and anti- India. The primary intent of killers of both Hindus and Muslims is to achieve secession of Jammu & Kashmir State and eventually its possible annexation by Pakistan.

The killers have the motivation of murdering all those whom they and their masters in Pakistan viewed as peaceful and loyal citizens of the Republic of India.

These days a movie, The Kashmir Files, is trending globally and has ignited massive emotional response in India and worldwide. It is termed not a movie but a package of emotions. It mirrors only a part of horrific brutalities inflicted on Kashmiri Pandits and other natives. It is based on actual facts and truthfully depicts the savagery and barbaric brutality inflicted on the Kashmiris by Kashmiri terrorists following their master’s orders from Pakistan. The genocide of Kashmiris was scripted by Pakistan with the primary objective of an attempt to annex Kashmir.

Acute fear and scare had been created which gripped the Kashmiri Pandits from September 1989 onwards after the killings of prominent members of the community. The Pandits started feeling what they had felt when hounded by Afghans in the second half of the 18th century “there is fear and dread in the city. Prepare for journey, disorder is dominant in this city, we are the targets and victims.”

The choice of exile was forced on the Kashmiri Pandit community by Pakistan-sponsored terrorists who imposed their writ on Kashmir by unleashing death and destruction. “Killing one and scaring a thousand was a concerted plan”- neatly executed by local terror groups.

The state government at that time abdicated its constitutional duties, created a socio-political vacuum and left people’s life and liberty at the mercy of looters, marauders and terror groups. The terrorist violence is unabated till this day. The terrorists maimed, killed, lynched and looted a large number of Kashmiri Pandits and other natives. The terror-stricken Pandits ran for life, leaving their homes and hearths behind them.
Modi 2.0 is expected to respond to the savagery inflicted on aborigines and respect the overwhelming emotions of 1.3 billion people.

To start with the people’s least expectations are: the Union of India to initiate an urgent time-bound planned safe and dignified return, rehabilitation and empowerment of the entire Kashmiri Pandit community in their homeland and save them from disintegration as a “Viable Identity as an illustrious Community.” After all, 32 years is a long exile to live as refugees in their own country.

After Article 370 was made inoperable in August 2019, the expectations of the native population from Kashmir skyrocketed for the return to their roots by the reversal of their 30- year-old exile status from the homeland. They are living as refugees in their own country, the independent India.

PM Modi urged the people of the country and Jammu and Kashmir – Come, let us all together, build a “new Jammu and Kashmir and new Ladakh” with the new India, he said, I have complete faith, under this new system, we all will be able to free Jammu and Kashmir from terrorism and separatism and integrate the state fully with rest of the country. He called it a Naya Kashmir vision.

He further emphasised that those from Jammu and Kashmir who live elsewhere and longing to return to their homes will be helped in by current Government.

After almost three years of August 5, 2019 decision of abrogation of Article 370 and 35-A, a sense is gathering around that their plight as native exiled Kashmiri is being slowly forgotten. Everybody sheds crocodile tears over their suffering, but nothing by way of action is seemingly visible by the Modi-2.0 and J&K Union Territory Government. The future of Pandits, as an important stakeholder and a relevant component to the resolution of the Kashmir imbroglio, is less and less talked about.

Kashmiri Pandits have an existential stake in the Valley.

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