Interview with Prominent women entrepreneur Ambreen Nawaz

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Ambreen Nawaz is a name to record with in the world of Kashmiri entrepreneurs. She runs a successful clothing brand under ” The Grand Attire by Ambreen” in both offline and online modes.
In an exclusive interview with Heaven Mail, she talks to Rameez Makhdoomi.

A bit about your early days ?

I’m Ambreen Nawaz, a Kashmir based woman entrepreneur, owner of the venture “The Grand Attire by Ambreen”. I started this journey back in 2016 in online mode through my Instagram page @thegrandattire_by_ambreen and a year later, in 2017 I established my business offline as well.
How was academic life like ?

I belong to a business class family. My academic background has been bachelor’s in humanities and I’ve also persued masters in Political Science and masters in Social Welfare.
What prompted you to be an entrepreneur?

It was since my early days that I had chosen entrepreneurship as my dream profession considering the scarcity of jobs one can avail here and one’s need for financial independence. Moreover, I always dreamt of being my own boss and create job opportunities for others too. There could be no better option than entrepreneurship if one chooses not to be a job seeker and rather work on becoming a job provider.
Why did you choose clothing as your brand ?
I chose clothing as my brand because clothes come under one of the basic necessities .I wanted to choose something basic yet something diverse so this was the first thing that came in my mind .Also, I too am a follower of dressing trends and I think most of the Kashmiri women prefer wearing unique attires.
Your role model?
My role model has been Maria Butt(The founder of Pakistani clothing brand “Maria B”). I’ve mostly been dealing with Pakistani brands and I feel that over these years, people have developed a great impulse for pakistani attires here.
What difficulties you encountered as entrepreneur?

Well, being an entrepreneur is not as easy as it may seem by the looks of it as I’ve mentioned prior, I deal both in offline as well as online modes, so internet Connectivity is a must.Poor internet distribution is a hurdle we often encounter. Plus, we’ve to make sure that we hire the right talent. There’s a risk factor too when it comes to business and a lot of other challenges, however I’ve been giving it my best and I’m happy with the way my business has been flourishing . I’m already delivering my products throughout the world.
Your future goals?

My future goal is to expand my business further. I would like to collaborate with more people throughout the world and explore more preferences in terms of clothing worldwide.

Your message?

My message to the young entrepreneurs would be that they’ve chosen the right field. It just requires utter dedication and passion to succeed. This is one of the ways we can curb unemployment in Kashmir and pave a path for the rest to follow and excel. I would also like to mention that clothing brand entrepreneurship can be a way of promoting our culture and tradition . I myself have been dealing with traditional attires like embroidered Pherans . Introducing Kashmiri art and culture into your business can definitely serve as a cherry on top. I wish all the young entrepreneurs success in their respective ventures.

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