We The Media Are The Vocal, Visible Force Standing Up For The New Narrative

Hand-holding And Support Is Crucial At This Juncture

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Iqball Ahmed


Now we have the threat from a new terror group in Kashmir. This group has called itself Resistance Fighters. The threat language used by the terror group is the same as has been issued by other terror groups.

The media has again been singled out for the attack. The threat issued by the group over the social media says: “Regarding recent stooges media list so Resistance Fighters clearly know in what cloak these listed traitors are wrapped in. They are not professionals but bootlicking brigade….”

Why These Threats Are Being Issued

Pakistan is watching its defeat in Kashmir. Pakistan knows that violence is losing social sanction daily. Pakistan knows that through the columns of our newspaper in Urdu and in English, we are bringing to light the new voices emerging from the ground.

That is why efforts are being made to terrorize the media. Pakistan is trying that the voice of the emerging Kashmir should be silenced. They want the progressive Kashmir to move into reverse gear.

This is what Pakistan did 30 years ago too. The media was terrorized so that it would fall in line and not question terrorists or the terror acts.

Through these terror threats, Pakistan wants to terrorize the media again.

The New Narrative In Kashmir

The new narrative in Kashmir is getting stronger every day. More and more people are questioning the old assumptions.

Kashmir was never a monolith. We Kashmiris had our own ideas, we had our own beliefs about the prevailing situation. We had differences, all of us did not agree with the separatist narrative.

All these diverse opinions were silenced by the terror of the gun. Everybody was forced to fall in line with the separatist narrative imposed by ISI and its stooges.

Kashmir is weary of violence and conflict. Kashmir wants to move toward peace and harmony, where we and our loved ones, our children can prosper and progress in an integrated manner with the nation. We want to witness development and growth and move forward with the nation.

Pakistan does not like this new Kashmir. We all are aware that Pakistan will try to sabotage the growth and development of the new Kashmir. Hence it is using tools like new terror groups to threaten those who are leading this narrative.

Why We Are Standing Up For The New Narrative

Who are the people leading this new narrative? It is the media. Why are we doing it? Because as responsible and aware Kashmiris, we are conscious that we need to lead our Kashmir into this affirmative present and future. We are doing it because it is our responsibility towards our people and our nation.

All of us are aware that we are doing this at personal peril. We are sons of the soil who are standing up to confront the terror narrative. Because we are sons of the soil, our voice carries conviction. Our voice carries the triumph and celebration of truth. Pakistan is trying to spread lies and rumours about Kashmir internationally. But Pakistan cannot counter these voices of truth emerging from the ground.

We are doing this as our duty because we are the media, and we speak for our people. It is our duty and our responsibility to bring to light the new dynamics that mark Kashmir. We are fulfilling our role with pride and with conviction.

Narrative In Infancy Stage

The government must appreciate that this new narrative is in its infancy stage. It needs strengthening. It needs support to grow. We are the media, and we are also the commoners. We are the men and women standing up against terror. We are standing with this new affirmative and positive narrative as the buttress. We are supporting it and making it flourish and grow with our writings daily.

This narrative has to be protected. This narrative has to be nurtured. The government must give us the moral support that we need at all times so that this narrative does not weaken.

The Govt Must Have Our Back At All Times

There is an English phrase that I am reminded of in this context. The government must have our back at all times. This is an unfamiliar phrase for our part of the country. When I say the government must have our back, I mean that at all times, the government must be willing and prepared to assist us. They must look out for us.

Yes, they are doing it already. Yes, we have the support of the government, the system, the administration. This needs to be strengthened and supported more and more. We are standing up for the narrative of the new Kashmir with faith and belief. We are standing up to terror, we are standing up to those who threaten the narrative of the new Kashmir.

The terror groups think that the media are the soft target. The terror groups find us the vocal and visible supporters of this new narrative. That is why they name the media in these threat letters.

Daily, we the media endeavour to perform our duty and our responsibility to the best of our ability. At all times, we need total and unflinching support of the government. We need hand-holding because we the media are in the forefront to nourish and nurture this new narrative.

We the media need the support of the government at all times. We the media should not feel that we are alone in this war. The government must always be the wall standing strong behind the media. We all are in this together. We all are standing up for new Kashmir together. Let us collectively pursue our goals of peace, progress and harmony. Ameen.

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