Indian Army – Towards Nation Building

My Heart Salutes The Bravery, Sacrifices, Dedication And Kindness Of Our Soldiers

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Indian Army – Towards Nation Building
Sheikh Jamsheed
I would like to express my deepest and sincere gratitude to our defense System including our beloved Indian Army, Indian Navy Forces, Indian Air forces, Maritime Forces, Border Security Forces (BSF), CRPF, CISF, ITBP, NSG’s as well as our Police Force, who are guarding and protecting us from any possible threat. We sleep peacefully at our homes because they are there for us working selflessly, with great dedication and determination in order to protect and defend the honor of our motherland.
Indeed their achievements and sacrifices can’t be just expressed in words as their sacrifices are everlasting and perpetual. Apart from Protecting our country at Borders, they have remained withstand to the entire country in the time of need particularly for Jammu and Kashmir.
Major Component Of National Power
The Indian Army is the major component of national power, which makes up the marvelous part of the defense system of our nation. There is no doubt with this fact, that every citizen of our country feels the glorious and enormous respect for the them. They are uniting days and nights and are pouring their sweat and blood in order to protect our Nation from any possible threat or any other kind of Danger. Indian Army’s Primarily Concern is to protect the Nation’s Territorial Integrity and National Sovereignty.
Our Courageous and Lion-Hearted Soldiers have made glorious and Magnificent Triumphs so far that will make one Swell with Pride, honor and esteem.
So prominently, It is a well known fact that our brave soldier’s showed dedication and Strength in the Liberation of Bangladesh in 1971 and gave a Monumental and Historic failure to the Pakistan forces, taking Ninety Four Thousand (94,000) Pakistani Soldiers resulting in the unconditional Surrender of Pakistan and the birth of Bangladesh as a new nation.
Our Historic Wins Over Pakistan
That historic defeat by our Soldiers to Pakistan will be remembered and will be cherished always with a great energy. Moreover, they did an Iconic job during Indo-Pak war 1965 which speaks volume of their dedication and determination. While also, Kargil Vijay Diwas is observed in honour of Kargil’s war heroes, the lives that were lost as a result of the war, Soldiers who died in the line of Duty while defending the honour of our motherland.
Our Soldier’s took the initiative of “Operation Vijay” Which is truly noted as ‘A Saga of Valour and Sacrifice’ by our soldier’s, during Kargil War Conflict and gave a historic and a memorable defeat to Pakistan. There is no doubt that our Valorous Soldier’s have played a Prime role in UN Peacekeeping Missions as well.
Our Shield For Natural Calamities
Apart from Protecting, Our Country at the Borders and boundaries, The Indian Army in Collaboration with Navy Forces, Air forces, Police Force’s and other defense Force’s undertakes various relief efforts in case of any Natural Calamity. In response to 2004 Indian Ocean Earthquake & Tsunami, they marshaled over 8400 troops and rescued many People, while they Provided ration kits, food packages, medicines and other essential commodities to the Victims.
They also played an Important role in disentangling the Kashmiri People during Earthquake. Our valorous officer’s assembled and gathered 2600 officer’s, along with 39 medical crew’s, tons of antibiotics and played an indispensable role during the Kashmir disaster. During the disaster, they entrenched over 40 relief Camps and redeemed over more than 1300 people, and cured more than 6000 Civil Patient’s, while they also distributed tonnes of ration kits and other essential Commodities to the earthquake victims in Kashmir.
The Army’s Support During The Flood
How Can we forget their heartily and enthusiastic services during Kashmiri Flood of 2014. They showed no leniency untill they rescued the last man during the disaster. Our Personnel’s saved and rescued over 298,514 people from the Various Parts of Kashmir, during the disaster. While the Kashmir region Suffered lathal and disastrous floods across many of it’s districts Caused by torrential rainfall. They showed enormous Kindness, Love, intimacy, attachment and immense brotherhood towards the Kashmiri People during flood and distributed over 224,000 litres of water, more than 32500 food packets, tonnes of cooked food, alsomore than 8,200 blankets including tents and other relief destinations respectively.
Moreover, Indian Army has taken lot’s of initiatives to empower the youth of Kashmir, One of the initiatives like the “Operation Sadbhavana”, under this very initiative, our beloved Soldiers empowered the youth of Kashmir both men and women.
The Army Empower The Youth, The Women
Moreover, they brought a Platform to Handwara (A tehsil) which comes under District (Kupwara) namely Mausiqui Studious which was a Mumbai-based music and talent promotion organization. These initiatives helped alot in generating the employment rate of the Kashmiri youth, by exploring their hidden talent through skill based projects.
Our beloved Indian Army also empowered the women Youth of Kashmir by providing them Self-help group schemes, the army isn’t only providing locals with skill training that also embroidery work which are part of the local culture and tradition, but also machines and raw materials, so that they can make their own products and can avail their mean of survival.
The Army Stood With Us In The Fight Against Covid
Even I don’t have enough words to praise their Courageous Services. So prominently, It is pertinent to mention that our armed forces have played a Crucial role during COVID-19 a deadliest phase. Our beloved arms launched ‘Operation Namste” to fight Coronavirus. Indian Army distributes free ration kits, medicines, supplies to daily wages in different parts of Jammu and Kashmir, during the Hour of need. Not for only J&k but they remained withstand for the entire country during the COVID-19 Phase.
There are innumerable Sacrifices and achievements made by Our Army. Apart from Indian Army our Navy Forces have also been serving the Country with great Zeal and Courage. Indian Navy Force who are well-balanced and assimilated three dimensional force, having potential of operating above, on and under surface of the oceans efficiently safeguarding our national interests.
While talking about our defense Forces, Our Indian Air force also plays a major role in the Country’s Security, The Indian Air Force (IAF) is the air arm of the Indian Armed Forces. Since-Independence, more than 26,000 soldiers of the Indian Armed Forces have made the supreme sacrifice to defend the sovereignty and integrity of the country, which speaks volume of their dedication and intimacy towards their motherland. Moreover, CRPF, Border Security Forces (BSF), CISF, ITBP, NSG’s and Police Force’s have also been contributing greatly and massively towards the Stability and Prosperity of our Nation respectively.
My Aim in writing this Article is to highlight the sacrifices, Brotherhood, Attachment and Achievements made by the Defence Force’s of our Country especially Indian Army. While we sleep peacefully at our homes, it is because of them. They keep their comforts, festivals like Eid, Diwali, Holi or any other cultural Festivals aside, and work for the betterment and welfare of our Nation.
My heart salutes them, my heart salutes their families, my heart salutes their Bravery, sacrifices, dedication and also their Kindness. There is no doubt with this fact that if our Country is being numbered among the most successful Countries, Politically or economically it’s not only because of our Government, but a Major applause goes to our Defense Force Department especially Indian Army, Indian Navy and also Indian Air Forces, who have stabilized and are Stabilizing our Country.
My Aim in writing this Article is to highlight the sacrifices, Brotherhood, Attachment and Achievements made by the Defence Forces of our Country, especially Indian Army. While we sleep peacefully at our homes, it is because of them. They keep their comforts, festivals like Eid, Diwali, Holi or any other cultural Festivals aside, and work for the betterment and welfare of our Nation

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