‘Credibility is not made by just speaking’: Amit Shah amid Gujarat polls

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'Credibility is not made by just speaking': Amit Shah amid Gujarat polls

Ahmedabad: The country’s Home Minister and former President of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Amit Shah has rejected the possibility of a triangular contest in Gujarat. In fact, recently Amit Shah has denied the possibility of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) getting success in Gujarat by giving three examples. Along with this, he also answered whether the vote-sharing between Congress and AAP would be beneficial in BJP votes. Not only this but he also raised questions about Kejriwal’s Hindutva card. In fact, Amit Shah claimed that ‘BJP’s vote share and seats are going to increase.’

In an interview given to a famous website, when Amit Shah was asked whether there is an ‘AAP’ factor in Gujarat. On this, Amit Shah said, “It is definitely in the media. In Gujarat, three big parties decided to make the election triangular. At first, Chimanbhai formed the party and decided to triangulate it, but failed and had to close the party. Shankar Singh Vaghela and Keshubhai Patel also formed a party to triangulate but had to end the party after being unsuccessful. No one got more than 5 seats. Triangular elections are not the nature of Gujarat.” With this, when Amit Shah was asked whether the division of votes in the event of triangular elections would not benefit the BJP.

So Amit Shah said, “When I am getting more than 50 percent votes, it doesn’t matter where and how the votes are distributed. BJP is going to get more than 50 percent votes this time.” On Kejriwal’s attempt to link the liquor scam and Satyendar Jain with the Gujarat elections, Amit Shah said that the public would not believe this to be true. It is being said that the influence of Congress is waning and who will replace it? On the other hand, Amit Shah said, “BJP can also fill it, our vote can also increase. Every time public does not look for alternatives. Many times it happens that the people strengthen the ruling party.”

With this, Amit Shah said that ‘BJP’s votes are increasing and no one can tell from whose part it is coming. The seats of the BJP are also increasing. The Congress party is the main opposition party in the assembly and on the ground. Regarding the vote base of the Congress, Shah said that it may increase or decrease but their base is still there. Every party has a base, ours too. May have a decrease or increase, but Congress is on the ground.

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