Naya Kashmir: The Kashmir of Dreams

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Naya Kashmir: The Kashmir of Dreams
After the Abrogation of 370 in Jammu and Kashmir, many feared that the situation here would spiral out of control. Many people said then, Pakistani influence will increase in Kashmir. The former Pakistani High Commissioner appointed in New Delhi had spoken about many fears, starting from genocide, rivers of blood, nuclear war in Kashmir. However, these three years proved to be wrong. Jammu and Kashmir is much more peaceful now than it was in the past few decades. The valley is floating in the stream of development. Like other parts of India, the people of Kashmir are enjoying civil rights.
In the last three years, the people of Kashmir have got the security of their lives. The government has taken several important initiatives for their economic development. Jobs have been created for the youth of Jammu and Kashmir inside and outside the government sectors. We have young entrepreneurs emerging out of nowhere and making an impact on the ground. Since the abrogation of Article 370, we have seen women empowerment at its best as women are now coming out and joining the men in every field of life.Some of our women entrepreneurs have set up very successful business units and have turned out to be good employers.
There in no doubt that our youth have tremendous potential and can do wonders in every field provided they are given a chance. We recently had three students, including one female, selected for the prestigious scholarship in the field of science. There are success stories all around and we need to keep up the rhythm.
Naya Jammu Kashmir moved from being a laggard to a leader at the national level. Right from strengthening democracy at grass-root level to Making Jan bhagidari” the lifeblood of governance in UT , the citizens are provided with an opportunity to participate in decision making and policy framing process.

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