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Number Of Local Militants Down To Two Digits

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For the first time since the killing of Burhan Wani, the poster boy of militancy in Kashmir, the number of active militants has reduced to below hundred. From past six years, the number of active militants in the valley had always been dynamic. Sometimes it went high and sometimes would go down.

But it is the very first time that it has came down into double digits only. I remember the strong words of the Prime Minister, who in early 2019 said, “If the past regimes have left this task for me to eradicate the militancy in Kashmir, then I will complete this task”. The bold statement made by the Prime Minister came just after the deadly attack on the CRPF convoy at Lethpora, Pulwama. In this attack about 48 security personnel had lost their lives.

How The Past Regimes Had Failed

In the past three decades Kashmir witnessed devastation. But it is also hard truth also that none of the past regimes had initiated to ease the sufferings of the common people. The regimes in Kashmir were always hand in glove with the union Government, but neither the state government nor the central government had felt the pain of common citizens of Kashmir.

Pakistan used the poor innocent people of Kashmir as fuel in the Kashmir dispute flames. My points may be scathing for those who have flourished on conflict economy. They have felt the heat after the government security agencies have choked cross border funding.

It may also make those people angry who do politics with the blood of Kashmir. As visible from the change that has occurred from last two years in Kashmir, it is evident that time has come to draw red lines for those who enjoyed the vicious cycle of devastation.

How Past Regimes Fuelled Kashmir Dispute

The past regimes could have done so but they didn’t. To remain in power, the former politicians gave the Kashmir dispute new heights. The Muftis and the Abdullahs empowered the radicalized people and encouraged them for every wrong doings.

One should understand their strategy of supporting militant organisations. Our political leaders always issued such statements that the militant groups got emboldened and they went on rampant killings, abductions, loots and harassment.

It is obvious that the previous regimes had only fuelled the terrorism in Kashmir and had not consciously wished that it should be resolved. This is because the political elites had not suffered. They had not lost any dear one. Their children had not been orphaned. The wailing had not hit their houses. In turn, they flourished from the conflict.

Militants Were Emboldened By Past Regimes

The militants committed felony in every nook and corner of Kashmir because they were emboldened by those who supported them. And who supported the militants? The Jamaatis, the separatists, the political elites. Through coercion, militants would make the officers accommodate or recruit their supporters in the government departments.

Once the position was grabbed by any of their supporters, the militants get success in implementing their ideology in the whole Kashmir. This is also true that we have hardly seen any of the relatives of the political elites uneducated and unemployed. If anybody has suffered, it was the poor man and family.

Prime Minister’s Vision of Naya Kashmir

These words of PM Modi were highly bold words for Kashmir. “Agar aantakwaad ka khatma mere hi zemay rakha hai toh meri hi aantakwaad ko khatam karunga.” If the past regimes had left the task of eradicating terrorism in Kashmir to me, I will definitely complete the task.

I had marked his words that time. I strongly believe that our PM is the man of his words. He keeps his word. Today Director General of Police Mr Dilbagh Singh said that the number of local militants active in Kashmir has been reduced to two digits. “A miniscule number of foreigners are active who are being tracked down,” he said.

The DGP added that very less foreign militants are active as of now. This is clear cut indication that the orientation of the radicalized ideology has somewhere declined and the youth is not inclined towards the toxic ideology.

One cannot predict the future but day to day declining recruitment in the proscribed militant groups and the decreasing number of active local militants reflects that the orientation has gone down among the vulnerable groups. Slowly the dream to construct the new Kashmir is becoming true. From one side there is huge investment by GOI and also private investors which is boosting the local economy. On the other side, with the decline in the terrorist incidents the valley may again bloom with its beauty and will attract more and more tourists.

The declining recruitment in the proscribed militant groups and the decreasing number of active local militants reflects that the orientation towards militancy has gone down among the vulnerable and radicalized youth. Slowly the dream of our people to construct the new Kashmir is coming true

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