NATO Parliamentary Assembly recognizes Russia as ‘terrorist state’

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NATO Parliamentary Assembly recognizes Russia as ‘terrorist state’

“It states clearly that the state of Russia, under its current regime, is a terrorist one,” he added. He added that Russia violated its agreements with the alliance, thus, the provision of limiting the forward deployment of troops is “null and void.”

The document also includes Ukrainian requests to increase military assistance, develop specific steps regarding Ukraine’s accession to NATO, and create a mechanism for collecting reparations from Russia for damages caused by its aggression, according to the Ukrainian diplomat.

The resolution will be sent to the governments and parliaments of all NATO member countries.

The United Nations General Assembly on November 14 passed a resolution saying that Russia must be held accountable for international law violations during its war in Ukraine, and must pay war reparations.

According to the voting, 94 countries favored the measure, 14 nations, including China and Iran, voted against it, while some 73 countries abstained.

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