Domestic Violence Death of Srinagar Woman Rattles Kashmir

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Domestic Violence Death of Srinagar Woman Rattles Kashmir

Majid Khan

The frequent deaths of women in domestic violence is rattling the valley of Kashmir and hitting hard the social fabric.
On 20 November, 2022,
Police arrested an accused in murder of a woman at Pamposh Colony.
“One accused namely Umer Farooq S/o Farooq Ahmed R/o Pamposh Colony, Srinagar arrested for murdering his sister-in-law (elder Bhabi).
Weapon of offence also recovered on his disclosure in front of magistrate. Case registered in Safa Kadal Police Station under relevant sections of murder,” Srinagar Police tweeted.
Some reports stated the accused to be the brother in law of the woman. Other reports said the accused was the son of the brother in law. But the death of women at hands of her inlaws family, and has saddened the entire Kashmir valley.

Crimes Of Power Play

Voices are anguished over the development. Tehmeena Rizvi, Public Policy Professional, while talking to The Heaven Mail stated :” I think the cases of Domestic violence in Kashmir or any part of the country is rooted in “Power Play ” with often Patraichy stamping its authority through brutality and dominanation. Even if one person is involved the blame lies on whole in- laws for being silent spectators to this crime and also often contributing factor to same.
The problem with patriarchial authority is that it envisages that by abuse in form of physical and mental torture it is must to conquer women. It is thus continually viewing women from an inhuman angle . The data and statistics in this regard are eye opener with reference to the abject condition of women .”

Matter Of Serious Concern

Irfan Hashmi, an prominent educationist stated ” The rising number of domestic violence against women in Kashmir is a matter of serious concern. It shows the hollow nature of our society that such heinous episodes against women in Kashmir are happening with such frequency.
Civil society needs to introspect and launch awareness campaigns against these ugly happenings. The death of women in these terrible happenings especially domestic violence by inlaws should shake the entire system. We need to normalize divorce as opposed to death and not take it as social stigma .”
Experts have warned that
Domestic Violence is at an alarming stage in Kashmir. The government should have a look on this.
Statistics are worrying to say the least. Last year, the National Crime Records Bureau has said that J&K has seen over 10 percent increase in crime against women during 2020.
The report indicates that violence against women has seen a sharp rise amid the “conservative Muslim society in Kashmir” in recent years.

Cases Of Post Marriage Violence

In several cases, women have been ruthlessly murdered by immediate family members. “There were 3,069 cases in 2019 and 3,414 (including nine in Ladakh) in 2020,” the report reveals, adding that 2019 had witnessed a fall of 10% in such crimes.
Post marriage violence is also becoming common.
Despite being counted as progressive otherwise, the latest National Family Health Survey findings are a stressing for action against spousal violence in J&K, as the latest report has revealed that 13 percent women in the erstwhile state have experienced violence after their marriages.
In the month of May this year Kashmir valley was shocked when woman who was critically injured after she was allegedly beaten up by her in-laws in Keeri village of north Kashmir’s Baramulla district, succumbed to her injuries at Srinagar hospital.
Pertinent to mention,
The 28-year-old victim, mother of two kids was undergoing treatment at SKIMS, Soura hospital since many days where she succumbed to her injuries .
Earlier, the family members of the victim had said that she was beaten by her husband and in-laws on Eid day and suffered critical injuries and was battling for her life in ICU at SKIMS Soura hospital.
In India, 30 percent of women have experienced domestic violence at least once from when they were aged 15, and around 4 percent of ever-pregnant women have experienced spousal.
The realities call for rooting out menace of domestic violence from Kashmir valley, with efforts needed from both Government and society.
Statistics reveal that cases of domestic violence are on the rise in Kashmir. This grim reality calls for rooting out the menace of domestic violence from Kashmir valley, with efforts needed from both the government and the society


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