Father shoots daughter, dumps body on Yamuna E-way

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New Delhi: Unknown girl whose dead body was found stuffed in a suitcase, last Friday on the service road of Yamuna E-way near Mathura was killed by her father, police sources revealed on Monday.

As per reports, Nitesh Yadav, father of the deceased Ayushi (21) shot her dead allegedly over family’s honor. The details of the confession are yet to be officially revealed by Mathura police.

Sources however informed that the incident had occurred in the afternoon of November 17. Ayushi was allegedly shot by her father who later wrapped her body in a plastic sheet and stuffed it in the red suitcase. The murder was done in the presence of the other two members of the family. However, their roles are yet to be ascertained.

After the death, the accused allegedly took the suitcase in his car and drover till Mathura where he dumped the suitcase in the bushes near the Agricultural Research Centre on the service road of Yamuna Express way.

Sources reveal that the accused was allegedly furious on Ayushi because she had gone incognito for some time. She returned on Friday when a heated argument occurred in the house following which she was shot by her father.

Police had received the information of the dead body on November 18 after which the blind murder investigation had begun. Police had informed that the dead body had a bullet wound in the chest and several injury marks on head and body.

As many as eight teams were formed for the identification the deceased.

Two days later, manual surveillance helped cops to trace the girl’s identity as Ayushi Yadav, a BCA student who lived in the Mod bandh area of New Delhi with parents and a brother. A police team visited her house and brought her mother and brother to Mathura where they identified the dead body.

Father however was missing from the house. He was later taken into custody and brought along with the mother and brother of the deceased to Mathura. However, has not been shown to the public or media yet.

It was revealed that the family had not reported the missing of their girl to the police. The full sequence of events in the case are yet to be unveiled by Mathura police. They are expected to hold a press briefing by Monday evening.

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