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UT Admn move to prohibit govt teachers from private tuitions widely welcomed 

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Majid Khan


Coaching of students has been often a debatable topic in Kashmir. Despite a huge public infrastructure in the government education sector,  students in large number still seek education through private schools and attend coaching classes at tuition centers.
From time to time many quarters have rightly felt that Public servants, especially the Government teachers should be banned from private tuition. This goes against not just their job but is a conflict of interest and also violation of ethics.

Wise Move By Education Department

In a bright development in this regard the government yesterday announced prohibition on any activity or assignment including private tution by teaching faculty of school education department.
Quoting Principal Secretary, School Education Department, Alok Kumar , news agency Kashmir News Observer (KNO) reported that the department has observed that some members of teaching faculty of School Education Department are undertaking coaching assignments in private institutions and coaching centres even during school hours.
He said that the assignments are in violation of Rule 10 of the Jammu and Kashmir Government Employees (Conduct) Rules, 1971 as well as Chapter (IV) Section 28 of RTE Act, 2009.
It is worth pointing out here that Kumar in a circular ordered: “No teaching faculty shall undertake any activity or assignment including teaching in private educational institution or coaching centre, unless they obtains prior sanction from the competent authority. Any violation in this regard shall invite disciplinary action against the delinquent officer(s)/officials), as warranted rules.”

Move Hailed By Students, Parents

Masses are elated with the move .
Zahid Ahmad ,a student while talking to the Heaven Mail stated : “The Government ensures solid salary and perks to its teachers and they still go for conducting the private tuition. All this is not just brazen violation of given norms but also hurts the interests of the common poor masses whose Wards study in Government schools. We need to have such quality based atmosphere both in private and Government schools that students should not have any need to go for the private tuition .it is the need of the hour to ban private tuition by the Government teachers and this step of the Government is both welcoming and a farsighted step taken in right direction .”

Action Initiated Last Year

In December last year, the district education authorities in south Kashmir’s Anantnag district had in this regard ordered a blanket ban on private coaching by the government teachers at tuition centres.
The move at that time har come days after the education authorities in Baramulla issued orders while imposing a ban on government teachers for practicing private tuition.
From time to time, The School Education Department has issued strict instructions to the proprietors of private coaching centres not to allow any government school teacher as their teaching faculty at the coaching centre.
Owais Ahmad , a youngester while talking to the Heaven Mail stated:
“The coaching centers run by Government teachers should be forbidden. They have deliberately made public education system suffer. Many of them have conflict of interest. In violation of their service rules, they have been imparting tuition in private coaching centers. They are earning fat salaries without serving with interest in the government schools where they are posted. We welcome the Government decision to ban the teachers from taking Tuition.”

HC Had Favoured Similar Action

The RTE Act 2009 became applicable in J&K in October 2019 following the abrogation of Article 370 of the Indian Constitution by the Government of India. We hope bright features with reference to coaching centers should be taken to overhaul the education sector. ”
The Hon’ble High Court in WP (C) No. 10/2021 titled Farooq Ahmed V/S UT of J&K & Ors has also issued following directions vide its order dated 31.03.2021: “…….(vii) That the department of education (school as well as higher education) is directed to implement Rule 10 of the
Employees Conduct Rules in letter and spirit and ensure that no member of its teaching faculty engages in private tuition at private
coaching/tuition centres without previous sanction of the government. The Zonal Education Officers at the zonal level and Chief Education Officers at the district level shall be the nodal officers, who will ensure the implementation of Rule 10 of the Employees Conduct Rules and the circular/instructions, if any,
issued by the Government to give effect to Rule 10 of the Employees Conduct Rules.
The public pulse is clearly favoring the tough and right steps by the Government of Jammu and Kashmir on the realms of coaching and private tuition.

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