Prohibiting teachers from private tuition

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School education department of Jammu and Kashmir has prohibited Government teachers from private tuitions besides putting a blanket ban on other activities by the teachers. Commissioner Secretary of the department of education Dr. Alok Kumar has issued a circular asking all the government teachers to refrain from taking tuitions at private coaching centers, besides refraining from other activities, especially during school hours. This is a very important decision as many government teachers had become habitual of doing private tuition even during the duty hours. There have been many complaints in this regard but every time government took a step towards banning this illegal practice, political leaders would interfere and not let the administration move ahead with the decision.
There are dozens of coaching Centers across Srinagar city and hundreds of them across the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir. Hundreds of Government teachers including some professors are indulging in private tuition in these centers while at the place of their posting these people hardly bother about the poor students whose parents cannot afford hefty amounts as tuition fees. Though circulars like that of yesterday were issued many times till now but the only thing government lacks is implementation. If government machinery is sincere in stopping the government teachers from doing private tuitions, yesterdays order should be implemented in letter and spirit.
Jammu and Kashmir has the highest unemployment rate in the country and banning government teachers from taking private tuitions will create job avenues for the unemployed youth of the UT, besides bringing the standard of the government run schools at par with the private educational institutions. We as a society have to support this decision as it will definitely help in making government run schools as better places of learning, which has not been the case till now.

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