Interview with Prominent Author and Poet Sudipta Mishra

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Interview with Prominent Author and Poet Sudipta Mishra

Sudipta Mishra is a multi-faceted artist and dancer excelling in various fields of art and culture. She has weaved more than a hundred books. Her book, ‘The Essence of Life’, is credited with Amazon best seller and ‘The Songs of My Heart’ is scaling newer heights of glory. Her poems are a beautiful amalgamation of imagery and metaphors. She garnered numerous accolades from international literary organisations like the famous Rabindranath Tagore Memorial. She regularly pens articles in newspapers as a strong female voice against gender discrimination, global warming, domestic violence against women, pandemics and the ongoing war. She is pursuing PhD degree in English.

A bit about your childhood days ?

I have been raised by a single mother who taught me to pursue my dreams at any cost by dint of hard labour. My mother was a principal of a high school who taught me discipline is the key to success.
I hail from Puri, the heritage city where we can feel the magic of Divine Lord Sri Jagannath with a lasting spiritual cadence. My childhood days were filled with the unforgettable memories of serene blue beaches where most of the time I used to weave golden dreams under the silvery sky.

How was your academic life like ?

I am pursuing a doctoral degree in English at CVU.

What lead you to world of literature?

There is a saying that ‘no pain, no gain’.
So in utter pain, I found a treasure stuffed inside my soul. I tried to shape my anguish in form of writings.
And I decide to create.

Your favourite genre?

My favourite genre is poetry and nonfiction.

Your achievements as an artist?
I am a multi-faceted artist and dancer who have excelled in the various fields of art and culture. At a young age, I have already weaved more than 100 books as a co-author.
I have been ceaselessly musing on different social platforms like Youth Ki Awaaz, Momespresso, The Pink Comrade, Story Scraper, etc.
The prestigious Notion Press has so far published three books to my credit. My book, The Essence of Life, is credited with Amazon best seller recently. Her book, The Songs of My Heart, so well crafted, is all set to scale newer heights and pinnacle of glory in the days to come.
I have garnered numerous accolades from various international organisations for my outstanding contribution to the literary world. A strong female voice against gender discrimination, global warming and domestic violence against women, pandemics and the ongoing war in the global scenario, I have penned countless articles in the newspapers of Bihar and Odisha.
My poetic excellence has been duly lauded globally and I have been conferred with Honorary Doctorate by the International Academy of Culture, World Literary Forum for Peace and Human Rights and International Human Organisation and so on.
As an author as well as a poet, I have reached the acme of success and zenith of glory receiving recognitions like the International Besties Award by Bhabya International Foundation and the Best Author of 2021 by the Indian Golden Award Organisation.
Presently, I have been awarded with Mahadevi Verma Sahitya Siromani Award and Rabindranath Tagore Smruti Samman by Motivational Strip forum in association with the cultural department of Seychelles 🇸🇨.
Your favourite poet ?

My favourite poet is Wordsworth.

How do you view the growth of literature in Odisha?

The growth of literature in our state is rich and it is a continuous process.
In our regional language, our writers are ushering and they are excelling in translation, children’s literature and many more.
Nowadays, Odisha is flooding with writers who are creating classics in English literature.
The writers are trying to outshine in creative writing also.
Recently, with me, ten other writers like Dr Prasanna Ku. Dalei, Bijayalaxmi Rath, Rohini Behera, and others have been conferred with Rabindranath Tagore Memorial from Motivational Strip forum, a prestigious organisation. From three hundred forty writers all over the world, we have been chosen from our state to receive such prestigious accolades.
In a nutshell, the literature of our state is day by day flourishing and progressing to reach the heights of glory.
A bit about your latest book ?
“Everything I Never Told You”: A sequel of various romantic poems that I had traversed through my life. Different stages of life found expression in my poems through the tranquil state of mind.
Anyone could find in those poems where I had travailed to highlight and heighten the ethical evolution, the romantic stupor, and the romantic love relation.
As an author, I put in my best to bring home to the hallowed readers the implications of my message through the oeuvre of my poetic bent.
I am grateful to all my readers whom I wholeheartedly tried to cultivate in my whole endeavour.
Their feedback could encourage me in times to come.

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