From A Pakistani’s Perspective; The Political Prisoner Of Pakistan 

All political parties are united to keep Ali Wazir in jail

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Haris Qadeer


It has been one year and 11 months since the arrest of Member of National Assembly Ali Wazir, elected from South Waziristan region of former FATA.
This is a case in the judicial history of Pakistan, in which legal loopholes are being used skillfully to keep an elected public representative in jail.  But everyone from the temples of justice to the halls of power have turned a blind eye, trying to give the impression that they don’t know anything.

The metaphor for revolution

Ali Wazir has now become such a revolutionary metaphor that all the representatives of the ruling classes seem to be on one page to keep him behind bars, putting all their differences aside.
People’s Party and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf take the lead in pulling down each other. The leaderships of the two parties are pitted against each other. But on the issue of Ali Wazir, the governments of the two parties are showing unprecedented cooperation and coordination.

All political parties silent regarding Wazir

The most important party of the ruling alliance, Muslim League-N, has also taken complete silence regarding Ali Wazir. The dummy head of the ruling alliance, Maulana Fazlur Rehman, and his party are also silent.
Similarly, the coalition parties of the former federal government of Tehreek-e-Insaf and the current federal government of PDM were not familiar with the name of Ali Wazir in the past. This s is the situation even today.

Wazir talks about uniting the workers

Ali Wazir’s biggest fault is not that he complains about the massacres in the name of war against terrorism.
Ali Wazir is challenging the system and the marginal bearers of this system, Ali Wazir is like an enemy to all of them. Ali Wazir talks about uniting the workers of this country regardless of colour, race, religion, nation, language. This effort of Ali Wazir forces all the representatives of the ruling classes who benefit from the corrupt system to unite.
Cases against Ali Wazir were also registered in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, and also registered in Karachi. However, the arrest was made from Peshawar. While being transferred to Karachi, it was informed that a case was registered in Karachi.
If bail was granted in one case, arrest was shown in another, if bail was granted in this case, bail was granted in the third, then in the fourth. Now the situation is that Ali Wazir is incarcerated in the Central Jail of Karachi, despite being granted bail in four cases registered in Karachi, and being acquitted in one case.

Wazir being kept behind bars

Now the cases are registered in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The hearing is going on in Bannu and DI Khan. However, Ali Wazir is confined in the Central Jail of Karachi. The case registered in Miranshah has also been bailed, but a motion has been made to show the arrest in the sixth case. Thus, the series of court hearings for bail in another case will continue. So far the bail amount of Ali Wazir has reached 29 lakh rupees. This trend is likely to increase further.
It is not possible for PTI workers from Punjab to enter Islamabad. KP and Punjab government crossed all limits of non-cooperation to weaken the federal government. However, in the case of Ali Wazir, perfect coordination is going on between the PPP and Tehreek-e-Insaf’s KP government included in the same federal government.

Strategy to keep Wazir in jail

As the verdict on Ali Wazir’s bail application in Bannu Bench of Peshawar High Court approached, the KP government started the process of opening the case registered against Ali Wazir in DI Khan police station. The Home Department of the Sindh Government immediately wrote a letter to the IG Sindh on October 26 asking Ali Wazir to be transferred to the DI Khan police station.
However, IG Sindh did not immediately implement this letter of the Home Department, but waited for the time when the decision of the Peshawar High Court on Ali Wazir’s bail application was near. On November 10, Ali Wazir was transferred to the sixth case and on November 14, his bail application was accepted in the fifth case. When the bail bonds were collected, it was learned that Ali Wazir would still not be released.
Allegations made against Ali Wazir in the cases filed everywhere and the provisions recorded are also of the same nature. In one of these cases, he has been acquitted. In one case the Supreme Court has granted his bail application, in one case the Sindh High Court and in one case the Peshawar High Court has granted bail. Still, new cases of similar nature are being opened and a long series of hearings on bail applications is going on.
Thus, Ali Wazir has become a political prisoner of this country, against whom all the representatives of the ruling elite are on the same page. The main protector of this system i.e. the role of the state is centralized. Ali Wazir has refused to bow down to any oppression and oppression is reaching its extremes. Ali Wazir’s struggle and sacrifice will not go in vain. His struggle will play a decisive role in the liberation movement of the working class.

(Haris Qadir belongs to Rawalakot in ​​Pakistan-administered Kashmir. He has been associated with journalism for a long time and keeps a close eye on the situation and events related to the Kashmir issue)


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