Threats to Scribes

Thorough Investigation is needed

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In the last few days several lists were issued by the elements inimical to peace and stability in Jammu and Kashmir and this time the target were the Journalists who have been toiling hard to write and report about what is happening in and around Kashmir. This is not the first time when such threatening lists have been issued and scribes have been described as Indian Army or Police agents. Such slanderous and defamatory lists have been issued in the past also and the truth is that we have lost some prominent journalists like syed Shujat Bukhari, Parvaz Mohammd Sultan to this poisonous insinuation.

This time, the lists have been issued at a time when Jammu and Kashmir’s administration led by Lt. Gov. Manoj Sinha is making every effort and taking every step to bring about peace and stability in the violence torn region. Now that Jammu and Kashmir police has got a lead into this nefarious campaign against Journalists and it is said that there is a “Turkey” connection into all this, what police needs to do is to dig very deep into it and bring to fore all the realities that are at the back of this vilifying campaign.
Turkey has been on the radar of our security agencies as a good number of people who fled from Jammu and Kashmir, have taken shelter in the country called “the sick man of Europe”. We have to conduct a thorough probe into the latest issue so that nobody in future dares to defame our scribes or make a scapegoat of them for meeting his vested interests. This, if not stopped now, can turn cancerous and it will be very difficult then to stop it. So the agencies must act now and nip the evil in the bud.

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