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Decline of The Congress Party

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Iqball Ahmad


As the Parliamentary elections are expected to be held in India soon, the major political parties – both national and regional – have started mobilizing their workers to give a new life to their respective parties. From the leading political party BJP, Indian National Congress, Aam Aadmi Party, etc to small regional party every leader, member, worker and supporter are on front foot to catch the commoners eyes. Every single party works to create goodwill for its leaders that may translate into votes.

Election Commission of India, meanwhile, has not taken a call on the actual timing of holding the election in the country.

The outcome figured out from previous two consecutive elections is that the saffron party is leading. But election after election has proved to be catastrophic for the party that has ruled India for the longest time – the Congress.

Since independence, Congress had always remained in supremacy.

From the first prime minister of India Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru to Dr. Manmohan Singh, congress debuted many such prominent faces. The party leadership ensured that the Congress always remained at the top.


Exodus of Congress Leaders From Party

The chief elements for a political party are its members who work collectively for smooth functions of the party. Many leaders of the Congress have presented their resignations to the party president. That may have not good results in upcoming elections.

The Congress has failed to secure the leading position in the upper or lower houses in the parliament. It has remained unsuccessful in keeping the party members together for strengthening the party. The congress is the single party in India which has ability to be in the opposition. But it seems that in near future, India will have opposition free government. This is not a good sign for a democratic country like India.


Azad’s Scathing Words On Rahul Gandhi


In late August, Ghulam Nabi Azad, the veteran Congress leader from Jammu and Kashmir, announced that he will leave the Indian National Congress to form a political party of his own. Azad accused Rahul Gandhi for being a political successor who resigned from the Congress party as a leader still enjoys influence and power.

Azad accused Rahul Gandhi of refusing to consult with party stalwarts on major decisions while empowering a group of “inexperienced sycophants” to run the party. Earlier, three titans of the Congress – Kapil Sibal, Capt Amarinder Singh and Jyotiraditya Scindia had parted their ways from the Congress – the country’s main opposition part.

The weakness in the party gradually started from 2014 national elections when it got defeated by the BJP. The weakness increased with the consecutive defeats in state legislative Assembly elections. The uprising trend shown by the BJP in the 2019 elections made Congress drop to an all-time low in terms of number of legislators in the Parliament.

Despite these losses, the Congress party has been slow to restructure. The party which holds the position of doorkeepers for the entire prominent political faces since independence, now seems to look for its identity in the Parliament.


Congress Leadership Ignored Ground Realities


It is said that a spark neglected burns the whole house. The internal conflicts in the Congress are deep rooted. Going back to the past the loyalty of the Congressmen declined down in the tenure of Prime Minister Smt Indira Gandhi. As per the political analysts at that time, the party leadership let sycophancy ride over ideas. In fact, sycophancy has become rife within its ranks.

Congress leaders at that time presumed that the future of Congress may be at a critical juncture if the same political bigotry of transferring the party leadership to something within the Nehru-Gandhi family continues.

However, Nehru had broad vision. He gave real strength to the party at the grassroot level, admitted the unfavourable views but decided to hold elections after regular periods for respective positions of the party members in the party. But Indira Gandhi abruptly ended the election practices within the party and kept the party powers with herself. This type of sycophancy disheartened many Congressmen. It resulted in the resignations of senior party leaders. Many of them formed their own regional parties.

The Congress party did not mind that differences at that time but continued to pass the party leaderships among the family members. Those who left either joined hands with BJP Or became BJP’s allies by forming their own political parties.

This time, those who part their ways with congress are turning ghosts for them. With the successive defeats in the elections, the Congress party has started introspecting but the water seems to have risen above their heads.



Kashmir’s Political Leaders Were Not Pained By Our Suffering


No doubt the Congress party have served the country the most during the freedom struggle. But the party did not do enough to strengthen the powers at grassroots in Jammu and Kashmir. The Congress party always remained in coalition with any regional party to grab power.

If the regional party is guilty of wrongdoings in the past, the Congress is equally sinful of that. Congress has always remained hand in glove with the regional parties of Jammu and Kashmir. This clearly indicates that they were not pained by the pains of common citizens of Jammu and Kashmir.

Both regional and Congress party have never initiated to take harsh steps against eradicating and uprooting Pakistan sponsored terrorism in Kashmir. Every single Kashmiri knows it very well that none of our politicians bothered that Kashmir was losing innocent lives. They have never felt the pain of the common Kashmiri. Every politician has fuelled innocent killings and fanned the flames of the Kashmir issue. They did everything, whether good or bad to meet their ends. They twisted and tangled the Kashmir issue more and more.

Now, when Kashmir is changing, when killings and attacks are not normalized, the former political leaders have chosen to remain silent. Slowly, the political leaders are switching parties. The Congress leaders followed the herd and joined one or the other newly formed political parties. Like PDP, the Congress in Kashmir seems to be on the verge of extinction.

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