Exclusive interview with Prominent Bollywood Singer Shefali Alvares

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Exclusive interview with Prominent Bollywood Singer Shefali Alvares

Shefali Alvares ( born 17 December 1983) is an prominent and versatile Indian PlayBack Singer .She has sung many popular songs such as Subah Hone Na De (Tu Mera Hero), Party On My Mind in movies. She has rich family legacy in the world of music.

She is defined as rising singing sensation of Bollywood.
In an exclusive interview with the Heaven Mail, she talks to Rameez Makhdoomi.

A bit about early days?
The early days of life were full of fun ,learning and excitement. Being the daughter of legendary Indian jazz singer Joe Alvares, who rose to prominence in the 1970s as leader of rock band The Savages the things like rehearsal, shows, music, singing and travel came naturally.
How was academic life like ?
The academic life was full of fun. Somehow during especially school days I was inclined to more learning the arts and sports and was good at studies. Music I didn’t learned in school but through music teachers and at home. I am still learning music through Mustafa Murtaza son of legendary singer Ghulam Ali .

What motivated you to music ?
My father was my motivation towards music . I love music very much and besides I feel I am able to communicate to people through music as I am shy and introvert person. I have very few friends . When I sing in front of people I feel I am sharing a part of my soul as music is connected to my soul.

Your favourite songs sung by you ?
My favorite song is Subha Hone Na De . I had never imagined it would become so popular and have such huge reach. I also love the songs I sung in Movie ” Bombay Velvet” ,although movie did not do that well . All those songs had Jazz flavour and I love Jazz Music . I also love the sound Gujariya from Queen .

What lead to making of your famed song Subha Hone Na de ?
I was simply called to dub these lines to studio and I did same . I was not knowing opposite singer was Mika Singh and the movie featured Akshay Kumar and John Abraham . When the song was released my friend messaged me and the song never looked back growing in all charts.
Who are your favourite icons?
My favourite icons are legend in Bollywood Sunidhi Chauhan and my dearest friend Shalmali Kholgade,who is supremely talented human and really pushes her boundaries. My other favourite icons are Shankar Mahadevan and legendary Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan. My father Joe Alvares and Pritam Dada who has given me so many good songs are also my icons .

How has parental support been?
The support of parents has been amazing .My parents are delighted what I have achieved in music world. Growing up with father who is a known singer meant a lot of pressure and joy.
Your take on reality TV concept ?
I hate the reality TV as we are overdoing the concept and it does not augur well for future as Reality TV cannot contribute much in producing the talented singers. The whole concept of Reality TV is boring.

Can Music bring humanity closer?
Music bridges huge gaps. It can bring tears into one’s eyes, bring happiness and change mood. Music has the magic to bring humanity closer.

Did you see any Struggling days in your career?
I had to face lot of struggling days. My parents and sister really helped me to triumph over my struggling days. My family kept me alive and motivated me in my struggle.

What are your future projects ?
I have been married since ten years and have two wonderful kids -one son and daughter as a result I am not able to give much time to bollywood . I have friend Denny Thakrar who is from Australia living currently in Mumbai, we are working jointly on projects and releasing four hindi pop songs in January.

Are you satisfied with status and progress of jazz music in India?

Jazz music in India still needs to grow a lot. It has changed over the past couple of years as there are some incredible new young talented musicians and they are performing at different places and making good impact. I hope to travel all over the world doing some jazz shows as well as Bollywood gigs.
A bit about your fapmous Jungle Lodges in Madhya Pradesh?

I am based now in Bhopal , wherein my husband and inlaws are based. We run two luxury hotels and two Jungle Lodges. My husband’s brother runs Jehan Numa Hotels and my Husband Aly Rashid runs the two Jungle Lodges namely Reni Pani Jungle Lodge and Bori Safari Lodge .
My kids and me stayed for many years at our favourite Reni Pani Jungle Lodge located in the world famous Satpura tiger reserve and wildlife sanctuary. We offer tiger Safaris and horse safaris. We have been accustomed to seeing leopards, Gaur, Snakes, scorpion and scores of wild life just outside our property so my kids have got excellent exposure to nature and ecosystems as opposed to kids who live in urban jungles of cities .

Your message to fans?
Try to be always happy and welcoming and value your personality and do not change unnecessarily

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