Early winter, early woes!

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Early winter, early woes!

According to the Indian meteorological department, the winter begins in Jammu and Kashmir from December 1. However this year, it seems the winter has set earlier by at least a month. The last few days already have seen freezing weather conditions with mercury recording freefall almost on a daily basis. At some places, the mercury has fallen to minus 4.2 degrees Celsius, the lowest so far this season. Hilly areas have been under a deeper freeze. The ensuing days are bound to be freezing. Also, people of Jammu & Kashmir, more particularly people of Kashmir Valley, are hoping that they do not have to endure severe curtailment of the facilities necessary to alleviate the sufferings. One of the important facilities, if not the facility, is availability of electricity. Unfortunately, agonizing power outages have started to haunt the people of Kashmir Valley. In fact, it is an old story that people of J&K have been subjected to time and again, notwithstanding the claims by the successive governments regarding improvement. People have to bear the harshness of the winters in absence of electricity.
Despite augmenting the power supply, the uninterrupted power supply seems a far cry, although there is some improvement compared to the past. The people have been craving to see the concerned department improve its performance, and to provide electricity for a reasonable time. The absence of electricity makes life miserable, irrespective of whether it is spring, summer, autumn, or winter. However, in terms of severity, it ought to be winter. The scale of hardships caused by it is not something one needs to explain. The importance or dependency on electricity is simply more in contemporary times as against the past when people would do with burning woods or utilize charcoal differently.
In this back drop, Chief Secretary has termed unscheduled power cuts “unacceptable” and has asked the concerned department to ensure power as the schedule which is expected to be issued in next week or less. Given the importance, the frequent and unscheduled power cuts are nothing short of violating the basic requirements of life. The concerned authorities must be held responsible for this as has been held by the top civil officer. While people need to use electricity judiciously, the authorities need to respond to the public outcry on the important matter urgently. Gaps need to be fixed and demand-supply ensured.

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