With the onset of winter in Kashmir, locals return to their favourite food ‘Harissa’.

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November 15: With the onset of winter in Kashmir, the manners of fooding have begun to change in the region.

According to the researchers, Harissa has been imported from Iran in the Kashmir valley and is the earliest form of Halim popular in Iran. Harissa in Kashmir valley is also known as “Harissa Zafarani”.

It further said that there are various people in the region who like to eat harissa on a daily basis.

A local said that Harissa is a favourite food of Kashmiris in winter.

“It is very tasty as well as warming the body and is available in more or less every home,” the report quoted the local as saying.

Harissa is considered to be the equal of Kashmiri wazawan in terms of taste.

The report said that the preparation of harissa needs a lot of effort.

Farooq Ahmad, who has been making harissa in Shahr Khas for the past several decades, said that the demand for harissa has increased so much that many people have to return here without eating harissa because the prepared harissa is gone within a few hours.

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