Let‘s be very careful

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Let‘s be very careful

Few days back, a couple died of suffocation caused by gas-leak in North Kashmir’s Baramulla district, according to officials. It is a reminder about the tragedies that unfortunately keep on happening in Jammu and Kashmir with the onset of the winter. The season invariably brings a lot of hardships for the people of Kashmir. The fight gets tougher in absence of paraphernalia including reliable electricity.
Apart from increasing the woes on a varied scale, the winter also brings tragedies. A number of tragedies happened in the past. Not long ago, a mother and her two minor daughters died purportedly due to suffocation in Uri in north Kashmir’s Baramulla while a Bukahri (wood burning heater) was lit in their room to protect against the freezing temperature. The pictures of a five-member family belonging to Kupwara district found dead in their rented accommodation in Mansoor Colony in Srinagar’s Bemina area in January three years ago still continue to haunt the memories of people. It is also not the case that these deaths occur once in a while but such incidents happen frequently It is also a fact that Home heating has improved over the past years. However, despite advancements, the tragedies continue to befall. The threat of asphyxia is very high in the use of gas heaters. Many people have died while in sleep due to gas leakage or heaters burning off all oxygen in the room. The use of other heaters using wood, charcoal, or kerosene can bring more dangers if not used judiciously.
Besides death, skin dryness may compound by using heaters and blowers. It could also lead to eye and skin irritations. In the case of eyes it may then lead to conjunctivitis while the skin can become itchy and then develop an allergy, the experts have said.
Health experts also believe that the number of deaths and complications can be avoided by making the public aware of the preventive measures. It needs no special emphasis that the safety of instruments requires continuous watch, with no scope for waivers. There is a need to strengthen the approach to the public as well as occupational safety. The government needs to create awareness about the hazards as also the safety measures about the use of the various heating gadgets.

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