Polythene Monster Resurfaces in Kashmir 

Public Participation Vital For Success Of Ban On Single Use Plastic 

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Rameez Makhdoomi


Kashmir is among the most serene and beautiful areas of world. The ecology and environment of Kashmir is quite fragile owing to its geography .
One of the constant threats to the Kashmir environment has been the Polythene monster. Despite ban in past and present times, the Polythene use by street hawkers, shopkeepers and consumers continues unabated. From urban hub of Srinagar the rural areas of North and South Kashmir the use of Polythene is rampant everywhere.

Highly Polluting

Commoners are clearly expressing their anguish over the resurfacing of polythene monster in Kashmir and urge tough action against the polythene manufacturing lobby.
The expert pulse is that Polythene bags equally pollute the land, air, sea and water resources.
The polythene bags cause much harm to agriculture as they hardly decompose. These are harmful for marine species,wildlife and even for birds in some cases.

Effort In Sopore To Recycle Plastic

Although one positive development is happening in North Kashmir apple famous town of sopore . Here, To set a positive and vibrant example for others to follow, the Municipal Council of Sopore, led by its President Masrat Kar, has launched a new effort to reuse plastic garbage in an eco-friendly manner.
Polythene poses health risk to humans. The polythene wrapped fish, vegetables and meat are infected by anaerobic bacteria which is responsible for skin disease and cancer.
Bashir Ahmad, a commoner said, “The polythene ban step was a historical step taken by the successive governments and campaigns run by the scores of Departments from time to time .If the ban would have been implemented properly it would help in conserving nature’s gift like lakes, streams , gardens etc.
On account of resurfacing of polythene in Jammu and Kashmir’s famous water bodies and other scenic places are being polluted in addition it is also tormenting our agricultural land. The authorities need to give the desired focus to crush the polythene and save the serene environment of the valley of Kashmir”.
The ugly realities related to resurfacing of polythene make it essential that the UT government must take immediate remedial measures.

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