Mumbai: 27-hour train traffic, power blockade for Carnac Road Over Bridge dismantling

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Mumbai: 27-hour train traffic, power blockade for Carnac Road Over Bridge dismantling

The Central Railway has announced a 27 hours block of train traffic and power disruption for two days for fixed hours, to dismantle the Carnac Road over Bridge between Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus (CSMT) and Masjid station in Mumbai.

“Central Railway Mumbai Division will operate special traffic & power blocks on 19/20.11.2022 involving UP & DN Local Lines, UP & DN Fast Lines and UP & DN Harbour Lines between CSMT-MASJID Station at KM 0/1-2 for dismantling of Carnac Road Over Bridge using Road crane,” the Central Railways said in an official statement.

As per the Central Railways, Up and Down Slow lines as well as Fast lines will be blocked from 11 pm on November 19 (Saturday) to 4 pm on November 20 (Sunday). Meanwhile, Up and Down Harbour lines will also stay non-operative from 11 pm on Saturday to 8 pm on Sunday.

The Railways have also informed that several Suburban trains remain canceled as a repercussion of the two-day train and power blockade between CSMT and Masjid stations in Mumbai.

Meanwhile, up-and-down suburban services on this mainline shall also remain short-terminated as they originate at Byculla, Parel, Dadar, and Kurla Stations; the suburban trains will run at less frequency between the said stations to Thane and beyond.

The official statement has further informed that the availability of adequate buses has been requested to run by the Municipalities in these block-affected areas.

While on November 20, the trains: 17617 Mumbai-Nanded Tapovan Express, 12127 Mumbai-Pune Intercity Express, 11007 Mumbai-Pune Deccan Express, 12071 Mumbai-Jalna Janshatabdi Express, 12188 Mumbai-Jabalpur Garibrath, 11009 Mumbai-Pune Sinhagad Express, 02101 Mumbai-Manmad Special, 12125 Mumbai-Pune Pragati Express via Panvel, 11401 Mumbai-Adilabad Express, 12123 Mumbai-Pune Deccan Queen, 12109 Mumbai-Manmad Panchavati Express, 17612 Mumbai-Nanded Rajyarani Express, 12111 Mumbai-Amravati Express, 17411 Mumbai-Kolhapur Mahalaxmi Express, and 11010 Pune-Mumbai Sinhagad Express besides 12124 Pune-Mumbai Deccan Queen, 12110 Manmad-Mumbai Panchavati Express, 12126 Pune-Mumbai Pragati Express via Panvel, 02102 Manmad-Mumbai Special, 12072 Jalna-Mumbai Janshatabdi Express, 17057 Mumbai-Secunderabad Devagiri Express via Nizamabad, 12701 Mumbai-Hyderabad Hussain Sagar Express, 11008 Pune-Mumbai Deccan Express, 12128 Pune-Mumbai Intercity Express, and 17618 Nanded-Mumbai Tapovan Express.

However, on Monday (November 21), 17617 Mumbai-Nanded Tapovan Express, 12127 Mumbai-Pune Intercity Express, and 11402 Adilabad-Mumbai Express will remain cancelled.

Two down trains of short origination–22157 Mumbai-Chennai Egmore Express and 11057 Mumbai-Amritsar Express– will leave from Dadar on November 19, while on November 20, a total of twenty trains, namely: 22177 Mumbai-Varanasi Mahanagari Express, 12051 Mumbai-Madgaon Janshatabdi Express, 22105 Mumbai-Pune Indrayani Express, 22119 Mumbai-Karmali Tejas Express, 12859 Mumbai-Howrah Gitanjali Express, 12534 Mumbai-Lucknow Jn Pushpak Express, 12869 Mumbai-Howrah Express, 22159 Mumbai-Chennai Central Express, 11019 Mumbai-Bhubaneshwar Konark Express, 22732 Mumbai-Hyderabad Express, 22221 Mumbai-Nizamuddin Rajdhani Express, 12261 Mumbai-Howrah Duranto Express, 12105 Mumbai-Gondia Vidarbha Express, 12137 Mumbai-Firozpur Punjab Mail, 12289 Mumbai-Nagpur Duranto Express, 22107 Mumbai-Latur Express, 12809 Mumbai-Howrah Mail via Nagpur, 12322 Mumbai-Howrah Mail via Prayagraj Chheoki, 22157 Mumbai-Chennai Egmore Express, and 11057 Mumbai-Amritsar Express will run.

Accordingly, four trains namely– 10111 Mumbai-Madgaon Konkan Kanya Express will leave on November 19 and 10103 Mumbai-Madgaon Mandvi Express, 12133 Mumbai-Mangaluru Jn. Express and 10111 Mumbai-Madgaon Konkan Kanya Express will leave on November 20.

Trains 11301 Mumbai-KSR Bengaluru Udyan Express, 11029 Mumbai-Kolhapur Koyna Express, 16331 Mumbai-Thiruvananthapuram Express, 11139 Mumbai-Gadag Express, and 12115 Mumbai-Solapur Siddheshwar Express will leave from Pune on November 20.

These 15 trains that will short terminate at Dadar JCO on November 19 would include, 22106 Pune-Mumbai Indrayani Express, 12052 Madgaon-Mumbai Janshatabdi Express, 22120 Karmali-Mumbai Tejas Express, 11402 Adilabad-Mumbai Express, 22158 Chennai Central-Mumbai Express, 12106 Gondia-Mumbai Vidarbha Express, 22144 Bidar-Mumbai Express, 11058 Amritsar-Mumbai Express, 12533 Lucknow Jn. – Mumbai Pushpak Express, 12290 Nagpur-Mumbai-Duranto Express, 22178 Varanasi-Mumbai Mahanagari Express, 22222 Nizamuddin-Mumbai Rajdhani Express, 22160 Chennai Central-Mumbai Express, 22731 Hyderabad-Mumbai Express, and 12860 Howrah-Mumbai Gitanjali Express.

At Pune JCO, 11140 Gadag-Mumbai Express, 12116 Solapur-Mumbai Siddheshwar Express, 16332 Thiruvananthapuram-Mumbai Express, and 11302 KSR Bengaluru-Mumbai Udyan Express will short terminate on the 19th day of November.

The Railways have, however, assured that adequate refund counters will be opened at major junctions and stations for the convenience of passengers along with the helpdesks for guiding them.

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