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One by One... Party Leaders Are Saying Goodbye to PDP

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Iqball Ahmad

In the year early 2015, I asked my friend who had joined People’s Democratic Party that why your party came in coalition with Bhartiya Janata Party to form the Government, it may have repercussions in the future.
My friend keeping his head high replied, yes it may have- not for ours but for BJP. We will uproot BJP from Jammu and in future the party will emerge as the single largest party in the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir.
My friend further added that after the formation of PDP, other political parties have got a major blow. There is complete division of votes and the outcome is in front of you. The PDP has won maximum number of seats in 2014 elections, my friend said.

PDP’s Declining Strength

That was then. All those who took the PDP line as stated above were proved wrong.
Today everybody knows who has been broomed out from the political landscape of Jammu and Kashmir.
Last evening, I received some texts on my WhatsApp it was news about the declining of PDP’s political strength in Jammu and Kashmir. My mind went into thinking how the axe falls on those who wish worst for others. The PDP political box which once remained full with the renowned politicians is empty now.
This political box was heavy from the formation of the party till the previous elections. But now this political box sounds high only. Since last four years 20 members of the party either part their ways or were expelled.

Drabu Was Sacked For Speaking The Truth

In March 2018, then Chief Minister Mehbooba Mufti sacked then Finance Minister of the state Haseeb Drabu for his statement which he issued in Delhi. Drabu earlier in a conference had said that, “Jammu and Kashmir is not a political issue as far as I can see. They have been barking up the wrong tree for the last 50 or 70 years by talking about the politics of it…It that the political situation has never improved. We seriously need to look at in terms of how it is a society that is in search for itself”. This was the controversial statement for the politicians, especially leaders from PDP. Madam Mufti sacked Drabu from his position for just disclosing the truth.
No matter how important a person is or his position in party matters, there is no mercy for them who try to find the way out for the Kashmir issue.
It is worth to mention here that Drabu had been worked as a bridge between the PDP and BJP in forming the alliance. But time is time. Yesterday’s asset may turn to tomorrow’s liability in politics.
After the BJP pulled out coalition support in the Government, Drabu was the first who left the party.
After six months from the falling off the elected Government, Drabu tweeted, time has come to bid adieu and resigned from the party. In the resignation letter Drabu showered praises to Late Mufti Mohammad Sayeed. But it seems that Drabu was not happy with the leadership of the party.

Poor Performance of PDP Led To Formation of Apni Party

After the abrogation of Article 370 and 35 A, the political field of Jammu and Kashmir has not been active for several months.
The former PDP leader Mohmmad Altaf Bukhari launched his own party – Apni Party in March 2020.
The move came into being when the former Chief Ministers were in preventive detention from six months back from that date. The PDP party had not good leadership this time because the party president was under detention. This served the interests of the Bukhari’s party and nine former PDP members joined Bukhari in one go.
The members were Vijay Bakaya, Mohd Rafi Mir, Gh Hassan Mir, Javed Hussain Beg, Zaffar Manhas, Ab Majeed Padder and Abdul Rahim Rather. Apart from former PDP members many prominent leaders from National Conference, Congress and Bhartiya Janata Party also joined Apni Party.

PDP Leaders Quit The Party

PDP is now on crutches. There is no one in the party who may pull the string again to strengthen the party. Some former leaders joined Apni Party, some People’s Conference and some Joined Bhartiya Janata Party and National Conference. Those who joined BJP were from Jammu region. They alleged that the Mufti Madam is dual faced. When in power she used to speak one thing and when not in power she chooses soft seperatism.
Unlike Party founder Late Mufti Saab, she (Mehbooba Mufti) has not a clear roadmap to run the affairs of the party. Peer Mohammad Hussain chose National Conference and his son in law Peerzada Mansoor Hussain went to People’s Conference camp.

Mufti Has Failed To Bridge The Gaps

The party president took many steps to build the strong binds between the party leadership and the party members. However, it couldn’t work because of the poor party performance in building confidence building measures in commoners on the party.
The trust for which people in 2014 voted for has completely eroded. Madam Mufti uses every single chance to regain the lost trust with her shrill diatribes. But people are no more are ready to accept her or the PDP.
The diabolical utterances of the PDP president have put the party on the ventilator. No one can predict what could be in future. But the political atmosphere that is seen in Jammu and Kashmir clearly indicates that PDP is going to face crucial challenges to survive and to exist. In a democratic country everything is decided by the people. Let them decide the fate of PDP.

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