Public Toilet System Needs Revamp in Kashmir   

Srinagar Smart City To Have 42 Public Toilet Blocks As Part Of Swachh Bharat Mission  

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Rameez Makhdoomi

The public toilet system is the basic facility of every society. Clean, hygienic and well-maintained public toilets are among the markers of developed societies. One of the main defining features of western and developed societies is that they have quite hygienic and clean public toilet system that is up to the mark.
I am sad to note that the public toilet system of Kashmir is in shambles, to say the least. We lack direly on front of offering the quality public toilet system to our masses.

Inadequate Numbers, Dirty Toilets

First and foremost, the number of public toilets in Kashmir is very low. Even in the summer capital Srinagar, the number of public toilets is miserably low. This causes hardships to masses who are on the move.
Another important aspect is that public toilets in Kashmir are very unclean and unhygienic. They resemble cesspool of dirt lagging the cleanness aspect. From Hospitals to Parks, Shopping malls to tourist spots the toilets in Kashmir on 99 percent instances are very dirty.

Govt Has Failed To Provide Clean Public Toilets

Government from time to time has failed to provide quality especially clean public toilets to the people of Kashmir. Government bodies like Srinagar Municipal Corporation must take a lead in providing clean public toilet system to Srinagar city, and at all our tourist spots where people converge in large numbers.
Effective management of public toilets needs to be done. Efforts in this regard should be constant.

Public Toilet System Needs To Be Expanded

The public toilet system needs to be expanded on urgent basis. From markets to religious places, bus stands to parks, a neat and clean public toilet system should be established.

Role Of The Public

The public has its own role to play to ensure a clean public toilet system. Whenever they attend call of nature via a public toilet they should consider it their foremost human duty to keep clean and hygienic and not to convert it into cesspool of dirt. We often have been felt lagging the common civic sense to keep our public toilets clean.
Women who are half of our population lack hygienic public toilets. They need the same for diverse needs. Toilets are as essential as food for humans. Sadly, no government has ever paid any attention towards this basic need.
The expert pulse is clearly urging that as an “away-from-home” toilet room, a public toilet can provide far more than access to the toilet for urination and defecation. People also wash their hands, use the mirrors for grooming, get drinking water (e.g. refilling water bottles), attend to menstrual hygiene needs, and use the waste bins.

All-India Survey On Toilets

In India, about 74.6 per cent of public places have toilets. About 84.2 per cent of them see minimal littering in their premises, according to a new government report. According to the report by Jal Shakti Ministry released on the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the observation teams visited 85,872 public places such as shrines, bazaars, health facilities, anganwadi centres and government schools.

New Hope Under Swachh Bharat Mission

The bright development is that Srinagar Smart City (SSC) under Swachh Bharat Mission is going to construct over 42 public toilet blocks in different parts of the city. One hopes these blocks are up to the mark and are built soon.
The public toilet system of Kashmir definitely needs a revamp at many levels. Srinagar can only be termed as smart city when it has a hygienic toilet system. The lack of quality public toilet system reflects badly on our society.

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