Pollution Damaging fragile environment of Kashmir

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Kashmir has been bestowed with a very fragile eco-system with our forests producing lots and lots of valuable medicinal plants besides the green gold in the form of timber. Our environment is a so fragile that a slightest trifle with it can prove disastrous for it and for the inhabitants of this paradisely piece of land. But, unfortunately in the past few decades we have left no stone unturned in spoiling our environment by illegally occupying the water bodies and forest land. Our glaciers provide drinking water to one third of the world and this is something we all have to be proud of. World is witnessing a severe heat wave and it is astonishing to know that the year 2021 was the hottest year since 1901.
We have unfortunately been very unkind with our ecology and environment as previous governments did not bother to preserve our ecology, instead they left no stone unturned to spoil the fragile ecology of Jammu and Kashmir. Permissions for establishing cement factories were given to the kith and kin of the ministers and to the people who maintained a close repo with the power corridors in Jammu and Kashmir. Big business houses were given special concessions only because they would financially support the ruling party in the next election and thus started the process of spoilage of our environment and the air pollution became as rampant in Kashmir as it is in other parts of the industrial India.
We have brick kilns and stone crushers after every single kilometer in the pampore and its adjacent areas and the area is bearing the brunt of government’s non-serious approach towards the issue. A recent survey has suggested that Tuberculosis and Asthma are two common and fast spreading diseases in the pampore and other areas where there is uncontrolled growth of brick kilns, stone crushers and Cement factories. Cement factories have been established in forest area of khrew pampore and its adjacent areas but these have had an adverse impact on the agriculture production, especially the saffron production in the area.Our Government has to devise a transparent policy with regard to the establishment of cement factories, stone crushers and other such plants so that we can save our environment and make Kashmir again a better place to live in.

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