Power Crisis worsen across Kashmir

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Power Crisis is a major problem once winter sets in Kashmir. We have been facing the unscheduled power cuts and load shedding ever since electricity made its way into the lives of people in the valley. Government is spending huge sums of money annually on modernizing the power infrastructure in valley besides bringing newer and newer habitations under the ambit of power supply. Previous government had launched rural electrification scheme with an aim to provide electric supply to the far-off villages and border areas of the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir. Though the scheme had proved to be very fruitful and beneficial for the masses in these areas, but the question that remains to be answered is that in the last more than seventy years we have not been able to create an infrastructure which would be conducive to the different kinds of weather, we witness throughout the year, more especially in winters.
Present power scenario in valley is a cause of concern for people of different sections of the society. Businessmen are worst hit by this crisis as most of the factories or other industrial units have to spent huge sums of money on getting Diesel generators for their units and the unit holders who do not afford to buy theses gadgets have to simply lock their units for the entire winter season. This results in the loss of employment of hundreds of already under stress un-employed youth.
Students preparing for different examinations face a very tough situation in absence of electricity and this is the reason many of the parents send their children to jammu, Delhi and other places of mainland India during the winters and those who cannot afford this luxury have to suffer like anything for electricity.
The households having sick old people are also among the worst sufferers of this situation as oxygen ventilators and other gadgets that work on electricity become useless machines in absence of electricity. It is high time that the government and the concerned department takes this scenario seriously and steps are taken to put an end to this situation once and for all. This will need a serious policy making and implementation.

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