Man forced to carry dead body of daughter on motorbike after hospital denies ambulance

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A man in Telangana was left with no other option but to carry the body of his deceased daughter on a motorbike for a long stretch after the nearby hospital refused to provide an ambulance to transport the body, according to media reports.

A heart-wrenching video of a man from Khammam surfaced on social media, where he was seen carrying the dead body of his daughter on a bike from the District Headquarters hospital to his family’s native village in Enkoor Mandal.

After the video went viral, the story behind the plight of the father was revealed. The family, belonging to the tribal community in Telangana, suffered a major loss when their child passes away due to a suspected respiratory tract infection.

The child in the video has been identified as Sukki, who is the daughter of Vetti Mallaiah from the Enkoor Mandal area in Telangana. The child was shifted to the District hospital after she had been suffering from fits but passed away a few moments later.

The father of the girl said that since she passed away in the district hospital, they requested an ambulance to take her body back to his native village for her last rites. The family, however, did not have enough money for a private ambulance.

Due to the lack of funds, the hospital refused to give an ambulance to the grieving family, and her father was forced to carry the girl’s dead body on a motorcycle for 60 kilometers, the video of which has been going viral on social media.

After the hospital started receiving backlash for not providing an ambulance to the family, they came forward and refuted all the allegations, saying that no request for an ambulance was made.

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