Attempt To Assassinate Imran Khan

Disastrous State Of Pakistan Must Ring Alarm Bells For Those Who Favour Our Rogue Neighbour

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Iqball Ahmed


The recent attack on former prime minister of Pakistan Imran Khan is highly condemnable. Terrorism of any kind is the major security threat in the world. So far we have seen that former prime ministers of Pakistan were exiled, jailed or assassinated. Imran Khan suffered this vicious attack. May he recover soon. But it also makes me think that Imran Khan is suffering the consequences of his own actions. As the prime minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan encouraged terrorism against India. What could be the fate of those who provide oxygen to terrorism?

It Is well said that one who digs pit for others often falls in it himself. Same is the case with the recent incident of Pakistan. Pakistan originated the terrorism gave it the boost to create destruction and devastation in the world. Though, Pakistan has not an idea that it may one day return to them as a ghost. It will have wings to fly and will spread like the pandemic. If they would like put to stop or end terrorism in their country they won’t until they completely stop following the dreadful ideology.


Pakistan’s Terrorism Embryo

Pakistan is proud of being concerned about the Jamaat ideology and oppose democracy. But the world over, it is only democracy that blooms. The ideology that rules Pakistan leads to killings and bloodbath only. Pakistan has never liked the democratic form of government. Whosoever tries to deep down the roots of democracy was either dethroned or assassinated. The toxic Jamaati ideology for which Pakistan came into being has proven disastrous for the country.

Alarm bells for those who want Pakistanisation Of Kashmir

When former Prime Minister was elected by the people of Pakistan the Pakistani supporters in Kashmir very excited about his success. The pro Pakistanis in Kashmir were enjoying and were damn sure than former captain of Pakistan of Pakistan Cricket team and now Prime Minister would take no time to attach Kashmir with Pakistan.

Kashmiris woke up that time when he did nothing when Article 370 was scrapped. Though many Indian Intellectuals termed it as Imran Khan’s weakness and a super over for India. India played and won the game.

However, those in Kashmir who favour Pakistan had some faith in him that someday he will do something. But Imran Khan does not care about Kashmir. We the people of Kashmir must understand that it is only we Kashmiris who can work for the welfare of our valley. We should forget to kill and to get killed. We should focus on our goals. We have to develop our skills, add knowledge, create employment for ourselves and for others too, so that we and our children and grandchildren can find happiness and success in the mainstream of our nation.

Terror Ecosystem

In Pakistan ethnicity and sectarianism has evolved a major security threat. The claims of Pakistan of being peaceful nation do not match with the events that are unfolding there. The rising religious radicalization in Pakistan is leading it to devastation. The killing spree, suicide bombing and target killings is the outcome of high religious radicalization.

At this time when Pakistan should focus on their own security challenges, their supporters in Kashmir should now see the truth. We must not let Pakistan operatives enter Kashmir or work here in any way.

It Is obvious from the recent attack. If Pakistan does not care for its own people, what will they care for us Kashmiris? It has always been seen that Pakistan has used Kashmir as their tool to target India and to whitewash its own bad governance and financial state.

Pakistan-China-Turkey Nexus

The strong bonds which are prevailing between China, Pakistan and Turkey may pose a major security globally and in the Asian region. The unholy nexus is because of illicit transfer of nuclear technologies. Having close relationships with China, Pakistan strengthens its nuclear weapons. Similarly Turkey also strengthens its nuclear weapons by transferring illicit transfer of nuclear technology from unfriendly nations.

Pakistan and Turkey being high radicalized countries disrupts peace in their neighbourhood. Pakistan fuels terrorism and riots in Kashmir. Turkey had fuelled riots in Kazakhstan. Being the nuclear powers, both in collaboration with China may prove disastrous in the near future. International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) should take measures to tackle down the nuclear threats of Pakistan, Turkey and China.


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