Mystery behind a missing case of 8-year-old boy deepens after DNA test

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Mystery behind a missing case of 8-year-old boy deepens after DNA test

The mystery surrounding the disappearance of an eight-year-old boy from Delhi deepened after a DNA test did not match the boy’s mother.

The story begins in 2017, when the boy was allegedly kidnapped and taken to Punjab. After years of search, police found the missing boy or so they thought. When they reunited the child with the mother, she insisted it was not her son.

After the mother insisted that the boy wasn’t hers, police decided to conduct a DNA test on the two. It wasn’t a match.

The Delhi Police officers now have to solve two cases. They still have to find the missing boy and also find the parents of the boy they found.

“We worked hard and contacted child welfare committees and NGOs. It was then that this boy was found. We even showed his photo to the complainant, and she said yes. He was found at a children’s home, and we also have to find his parents now,” a senior police officer who was involved in the probe.

In 2019, the mother filed a habeas corpus petition in the Delhi High Court. In January 2020, police found the boy’s stepfather in Punjab without the child. Police then said the man kidnapped the child to take “revenge” on the woman. He was reported dead in 2021, furthering the mystery surrounding the boy’s disappearance. The mismatch in the DNA test further deepens the mystery.

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