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Why I Have Used This As My DP And Why I Believe In It

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There come some moments in life when one must stand up and be counted.

An image of the eternal hero and martyr Maqbool Sherwani with the following words: Be chus Maqbool Sherwani’ (I am Maqbool Sherwani). ‘You are Maqbool Sherwani’.
I have used it as the Display Pic (DP) on my phone. Many of my friends have also used it as the display pic and have shared it.
This short logo is emblematic of the message that all responsible and proud Kashmiris want to convey today. Maqbool Sherwani, the great hero of Kashmir and a son of the soil, wrote history with his blood. He left a lesson for all of us forever, on the many ways in which one can love and serve the nation.
We are proud of our soldiers who stand on our borders for the protection of our motherland, through extreme heat and extreme cold. We are also proud of our Army and of JK Police and all other security agencies who fight the terror ecosystem daily so that we live safe and secure lives. The men in uniform carry out their tasks for the safety and security of the nation and its people.
Can the safety and security of the nation and its people be assured only if the men in uniform are doing their duty? As responsible citizens, what are our duties to ensure our own safety and security, and also the safety and security of our nation? Are we fulfilling our duty?
This is the reason I have used this DP. To remind me of my duty towards the nation. There are many nations globally whose people are conscious of our duties towards the nation. The people of all these nations are aware that we can fully enjoy our rights if we also keep fulfilling our duties.
Some day, I may change my DP. This may not be my DP forever. But this messaging shall stay with me. This messaging shall drive me and my actions. I can ask my children to be responsible citizens, aware of their duties and responsibilities only if I do the needful myself. This is the reason I shall always be conscious of my duties along with my rights.
Ministry Of Culture Page On Shaheed Maqbool Sherwani
I felt proud to see the detailed and informative page on our great hero Maqbool Sherwani on the Ministry of Culture, GOI. The site has been created as part of the Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav celebrations. The page can be found on the History Corner of ‘Unsung Heroes of India’s Freedom Struggle’.
Along with the photograph of the martyr, the page gives touching and moving details on our great hero. I must admit that though I have done a lot of reading on this great martyr, there are some details that I missed. I am sharing one of those details here. All those who want to check out the page can find it on this link:
More On Maqbool Sherwani on GOI Page: The ‘Motorcycling Militia Man’
Here is more on Shaheed Maqbool Sherwani on the GOI site.
In a response to Sheikh Abdullah’s call to the local populace to rise up in the defence of their country, a national militia was formed. Sherwani, who was described by his colleagues as of a happy-go-lucky nature, played a vibrant role in the national militia.
Among the 22 National Conference volunteers who joined the resistance forces of the national militia which was framed to go behind the enemy lines, Sherwani was the most vibrant who led a number of detachments of militiamen who toured different areas instilling confidence and unity among the terror-stricken people of Kashmir. He voluntarily offered to go undercover into areas controlled by the tribesmen.
Being an adventurer, he would ride village to village on his motorbike and hold public meetings and campaigns to unify them and collectively take on the raiders, thus, known by the name ‘motorcycling militia man’.
Close Friendship With Many Swayam Sewaks
Cutting across political and religious barriers, Sherwani had a close friendship with many Swayam Sewaks working actively in the town of Baramulla. He considered himself part of the Kashmiri Hindu fraternity and even came to the rescue of the Kashmiri Pandit families of the neighboring area of Sopore.  Denouncing their merciless killings and subsequent migration out of fear, Sherwani lashed out at local leaders for stopping the Pandits from leaving the town and protecting them. He personally met the suffering Kashmiri Pandit families and even stayed in the town till the morning of 29 October 1947 to save their honour and dignity. His role in saving the Kashmiri Pandits of Sopore during the Pakistani tribal invasion in October 1947 will be written in the golden letters.
Vigilant enough to defend Kashmir’s security and integrity, Sherwani along with other volunteers worked as guides at vital installations to keep track of the mercenaries. While going back to Srinagar, he cautioned the Sikh jatha of the Hamal region that was migrating to Srinagar, not to take the Sangrama-Srinagar national highway because of the potential threat of Pakistani raiders on that road. They disregarded his advice and consequently, over 300 Sikhs were abducted and killed in a massacre at Choora Bulgam.

MA Jinnah’s Historical Encounter With Maqbool Sherwani
Young and enthusiastic Sherwani came into much prominence when Mohammad Ali Jinnah came to Kashmir in May 1944. While addressing the mammoth gathering at Baramulla, where Jinnah tried to propagate his two-nation theory and made appeals in the name of religion, Sherwani dismantled the communal politics of the Muslim League and tried to put a garland of shoes around his neck. He forced him to come down the platform and stopped his speech. As Sherwani was against the principles of communal politics of the Muslim League, he raised the slogan,
“Sher-i- Kashmir ka kya Irshad? (What does the lion of Kashmir want?)
Hindu, Muslim, Sikh Ithaad”. (The unity of Hindu, Muslim, and Sikh).
This bold and humiliating action of Maqbool Sherwani made Jinnah unnerved and he left Kashmir after this momentous event. Thereafter, he never looked back and always cherished ill will against National Conference and its leaders.
This episode symbolized sherwani’s brave persona as well as ideological opposition to Jinnah. No one else among Kashmir’s political leaders could dare to stand up against Jinnah. The news of this meeting splashed all over India, and pro-leaguers press and followers felt bitter and expressed violent feelings against Sherwani.

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