Beware if you receive link for traffic challan, you can lose your bank deposits

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Be careful if you have a vehicle and you receive any link to pay the traffic challan. Cyber criminals have invented a new way to defraud people by sending them traffic challan links.

According to police, they claim to be traffic police personnel and send links to the vehicle owners on their mobile phones for the submission of traffic challans.

When the person goes for the payment through that link by entering his bank details, the fraudsters hack the mobile and withdraw the money from his account.

An official from the Cyber Cell of the Delhi Police said that the links that these thugs send to the people are prepared by them.

As soon as the people click on these links to submit the challans and share their bank information, the mobile gets hacked and the fraudsters withdraw all the money from the bank account of the victim.

Threaten for legal action.

Miscreants not only send links to the people and message them to deposit challans by clicking on the links but they also threaten legal action if they refuse to pay the challan amount through the given links.

According to a police official, these fake numbers mostly appear as the City Control Room or E-Challan Recovery on Truecaller. These mischievous rogues very smartly set their numbers with such names on Truecaller so that the people can be easily deceived.

Over one crore challans are pending.

A large number of people commuting on Delhi roads violate traffic rules. To have a check on such violators, traffic police have made a provision for online challans. People who violate traffic rules get traffic challan on their mobile phones through a message.

These challans are required to be submitted online. If reports are to be believed, despite the provision of payment of challan through online medium, about one crore challans are pending in Delhi alone.

Numbers are used for fraud calling.

* 7430913202

* 8881903768

* 9918282497

* 7440858761



Five new ways of cyber fraud.

~ In the name of paying electricity bill

~ In the name of lucky draw

~ In the name of submission of traffic challan

~ In the name of updating KYC

~ In the name of linking Aadhaar number with the bank account

Ways to prevent cyber fraud.

~ Do not give account information to anyone over the phone

~ Do not tell One Time Password (OTP) to unknown person

~ Click on the official websites only

~ Do not share personal information with unknown people

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