Mehek Parvez is reviving the candle culture in Kashmir

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Mehek Parvez is reviving the candle culture in Kashmir

But with the advent of new inventions in the modern age, the daily use of candles is disappearing. However, 26-year-old Mehek Parvez has taken the initiative to revive the candle culture in the Kashmir Valley.

Mehek, an engineering student from Elahi Bagh, Srinagar, is not only trying to promote the culture by creating distinct, delightful and charming designs of candles, but is also trying to take it to a commercial level.

Although initially Mehek faced many difficulties in gathering the materials required for this work, but with a positive attitude she went ahead with her initiative.

Made in different colours and designs, these candles are gaining popularity in the valley and Mehek is receiving an average of two to three orders on a daily basis.

Mehek says the price varies according to the type of candle. For example, if she uses imported dyes while making the candle, then it may be a little more expensive than the rest.

She imports the required equipment from outside Jammu and Kashmir as such candles of different designs are made from abroad.

Seeing the interest of talented people, efforts are being made to expand this business so that more women can connect with it.

Mehek currently runs her business from home and promotes it through social media.

She was also invited to an exhibition organised by the tourism department for business women recently, in which her unique initiative was highly appreciated.

There was a time when girls were probably given less attention than boys in education and development of their skills, but the outstanding performance of girls in every field of life is changing this old thinking.

In such a situation, parents now consider girls equal to boys and want to see them advance in every field.

The women of Kashmir have proved their mettle in sports, education, health, art, literature, business, art, science and technology.


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