Power Breakdowns in Kashmir

With Onset Of Winter In Kashmir, Power Has Begun Its Play Of Hide and Seek

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Power Breakdowns in Kashmir

Winter has made its appearance in Kashmir, and the master key (electricity) has begun to shiver. The irregular and unscheduled power cuts are making people face difficulties.

Mornings are cold now, so people find it difficult to get out of the house early for work. But those who want to utilize the day for their various tasks are unable to do so because of the power cuts. In the evenings, when people get back home, they are again faced with blackouts.

The October month is important for the farmers because the annual produce is harvested in this month. Usually the farmers and the labour force, after returning from a tiring and dynamic day in their fields and workplace, want to relax during evenings. But these evenings can be a source of restlessness and increase in the body ache because of the frequent power shutdowns.

As long as the power remains illuminating their homes, people feel comfortable. But due to power outages, the darkness leads to distress. Moreover, the onset of winters has increased chilliness and one feels comfort after having some warmth from heat giving electronic gadgets. Due to power shortage one cannot use them.

There may be several reasons behind the power cuts like pruning of trees and increase in power usage. But the Power Development Department must identify the weak points so that people do not suffer.

It has been observed that the concerned department gives advance notice of power shutdown in such areas where necessary work is to be done. However, the power cuts are seen in those days also when no shutdown is notified. The erratic power cut in the evenings after the day-long shutdown is like adding salt to the wounds.

Shutdowns In Rural Kashmir

The long unscheduled power cuts in rural Kashmir do not seem to be within the knowledge of the Power Department. While the rural consumers deposit the monthly electricity bills on time, they do not get electricity as per their needs.

Electricity Makes Poor Labour Suffer

Shabir Ahmad, a mason says, “I take up the work of fixing tile and marble floorings and walls in the newly constructed houses. But since the last few weeks, I am not able to complete one washroom of area 30 sq.ft. In this kind of work, the house owner pays my wages as per the area. The more I fix the tiles or marble, the more will be my earning. Due to huge power cuts, I am not able to cut the flooring or wall tiling as per needs. The power curtailments have reduced my income and increased my liabilities. Due to the continuous work breaks, I am not able to earn enough. On the other hand, my daily expenses are increasing. I live in an area which has metered power supply. I use electricity judiciously and pay my bill on time. I was able to do this when I earned enough to make ends meet. But since I am not able to earn enough now, how will I pay the bill? The day is not far when I shall have to sell some assets to meet my expenses,” says Ahmad.

Hooking and Power Thefts

The people in Kashmir are also equally responsible for the power shortages. They make every possible effort to loot electricity straight from the power lines. These people start illegal hooking in metered areas. In non-metered areas, every kind of work is done with electricity. Especially in the harsh winters, people do not switch off the electric appliances.

Devices like heaters, cooking devices and water geysers remain switched on round the clock, whether they are used or not. Energy consuming water boilers are being installed in water tankers and in Masjid Hamams too. The street lights remain illuminated throughout the day and no one minds it. The common people put all the blame on the Government or the concerned department.

The department also lags behind in checking the illegal practices by people. Because some people want to consume electricity by way of theft, others also suffer. If every consumer uses electricity responsibly, there will not be any power crisis and the power situation shall improve.

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