Chaos in the neighborhood

India needs a hawkish approach

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India needs a hawkish approach

Pakistan’s internal security situation can very well be gauged from the fact that Imran Khan who claims to be the only people centric leader in the country was shot at in the broad day light during a rally in the country’s largest Punjab province yesterday. A country that has always remained in political crisis, with its Army always meddling into the political affairs and even framing its fractured foreign policy, has again proved to the world that bloodshed is something which neither it’s elites nor the common man can live without. The tragedy is that the country is trying to create the same kind of situation in its neighboring countries, especially India.
The leaders that managed the partition of India would always boast about Pakistan being a model for the Muslim world. But, all their claims fell flat just after twenty years of the creation of Pakistan when people in the eastern part of the country rose against the tyranny that was unleashed upon them by bhattu and others. Since the soviet invasion of Afghanistan, Pakistan has become the epicenter of violence as the leadership of this country believes in “bleeding the neighbors through thousand cuts”. Though this policy has fired back upon Pakistan but the neighbors of this country are still victim to what is being exported under the above said policy.
At a time when India is facing a challenge on the border with china and repeated infiltration attempts at the line of control from Pakistan, incident like yesterday’s is a reminder to us that if a country can afford an assassination bid on the so called “tallest leader”, what can its neighbors expect from them. A country that has nourished and nurtured animosity towards its neighbor like India can be very harmful if its internal security reaches to a point where a former PM is not safe. India needs to gauge the situation and act accordingly so that this country does not succeed in exporting this kind of a situation across the border.

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