Patient dies due to govt hospital’s negligence in Uttar Pradesh

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Patient dies due to govt hospital's negligence in Uttar Pradesh

One man died in Uttar Pradesh’s Kushinagar district hospital as a result of the hospital’s negligence.

A heartbreaking video from the district hospital in Kushinagar has been released which captures the negligence.

The traffic accident victim was forced to lie on the floor at the government district hospital due to poor management of the situation.

Eyewitnesses present on the spot told that a dog was seen roaming near the injured person but not a single health worker was seen in the emergency.

In fact, the person injured in the accident was made to lie on the floor, his body was bleeding. There was one walking near the same patient. Who was licking the blood of the patient lying on the floor.

There is also an allegation that, the health workers working in emergency may not be found in this hospital at night.

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