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Let’s be a bit cautious!

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Let’s be a bit cautious!

Almost a dozen fire incidents have been reported from different parts of the Jammu and Kashmir in past week. This has sent alarm bells ringing as these incidents are happening at a time when winter has almost set in the valley and people can bear anything other than being homeless. In Kishtwar last week, twenty five residential houses were raised to ashes in a devastating fire incident that left dozens of families homeless and these families are helplessly spending the cold nights under open sky. Some of the incidents have been reported in Srinagar and northern parts of the valley but one thing is common among all these incidents and that is; many families have been rendered homeless.

All of us know that we didn’t have enough rains for two or three months now and there is a drought like situation around. Yet another angle to it is that we are passing through autumn. We have trees shedding leaves all around and these dry leaves are often catastrophic if due care is not taken. People very often neglect these and if we look into the reasons behind the recent fire incidents, we will see that a majority of these will be because of these dry leaves that assemble in our backyard during the autumn season.

During this season.

In the hilly areas, we often sea people going to the forests for getting fire wood and other stuff, needed during winters and many times these people light a fire in the forest and on their return forget to extinguish it leading to forest fires. These forest fires are equally devastating as they ravish the homes of wild animals besides adversely effecting the environment. All we need to do is to take extra caution during these days so that we don’t have to see fires like that of Kishtwar or elsewhere.

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