Saffron festival at Pampore

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Saffron festival at Pampore

Saffron is a crop that has played a vital role in giving name and fame to the valley of Kashmir all over the world. This delicate produce of Kashmir has always been loved by people all over the globe and is still one of the sought after products that is cultivated in the Karewas of southern pampore town. During the last few years, there has been a decrease in the yield of saffron and experts say that pollution and ever increasing urbanisation are the key factors that have impacted the production of world’s best Saffron.

Government of India in collaboration with Jammu and Kashmir government has, during the last few years, taken several steps for increasing the production of saffron besides maintaining the quality, name and fame of this delicacy produced in the heavenly vale. Central government was kind enough to the saffron farmers of Kashmir for introducing National Saffron Mission. Under this mission subsidized drip irrigation facilities were provided to the farmers and a saffron park was set up at dusoo pampore. Very recently a GI tag was also issued to the Kashmiri Saffron and this crop was the first such crop from Kashmir which received GI Tagging.

Tourists from the mainland India and abroad have always been liking to see the bloom in the saffron fields of Pampore and lately, our tourism department has stepped in with a very novel idea of celebrating “Saffron Festival” in the saffron fields. This novel idea will not only give tourists a chance to visit the saffron fields but will also help in spreading awareness about pure saffron among tourists and non-native kashmiris.Department of tourism in collaboration with department of agriculture celebrated the “saffron Festival” yesterday and scores of people including tourists attended the festival. If the officials of the two departments work in tandem with each other, saffron festival will become yet another celebrated festival in Kashmir and it will go a long way in promoting Kashmir’s saffron.

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