Altaf Mansuri arrested for throwing petrol bomb at police on Diwali

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Altaf Mansuri arrested for throwing petrol bomb at police on Diwali

Gujarat police arrested the accused, Altaf Mansuri, who had allegedly thrown a petrol bomb at DCP Yashpal Jagania during the communal violence in Vadodara’s Panigate loacality on Diwali.

The police arrested 19 persons in the incident. One of the accused, Mansuri, who works with food delivery company Swiggy, reportedly admitted that he threw the bomb at the DCP.

News site OpIndia, citing local media reports, said that the police reconstructed the crime scene where Altaf had thrown the petrol bomb at police on October 24. The accused was present there.

The police is now looking for all angles such as on whose instructions Altaf created the bomb and besides him, who else was involved in the incident.

Following the incident, the police had lodged a case. As per the report, the case is being investigated by crime branch.

What happened in Vadodara on Diwali night

The clash broke out at around 12.45 am on Tuesday in the communally sensitive Panigate locality.

The argument broke out over bursting crackers that intensified after the groups hurled stones at each other. They allegedly attacked properties and vehicles in the vicinity. An angry bunch even cut off power to street lights so they couldn’t be identified, PTI had reported.

No one was injured in the clash. A motorcycle parked in the area caught fire after a rocket firecracker fell on it.

Earlier violence:

The Panigate area has been a sensitive place. It has also witnessed violence earlier.

During a procession of Ganesh Chaturthi in August this year, it turned violent while passing through Panigate area. The violence erupted as the two groups had some arguments which led to severe stone pelting. Following the incident, 13 persons were arrested.

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