Prediction for rain & Snow

Are we ready to deal with the situation?

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Indian metrological department’s Srinagar directorate has issued a weather forecast saying that from first of November till the sixth, we may have rain and snow in valley and this will be the first major snowfall this season. Snowfall has always come with a price for the people of the valley as during the snowfall Srinagar Jammu national highway gets closed and the prices of essential commodities go shooting high. Electric supply remains suspended for many days together and in the rural areas, people have to have a long wait till the electric supply is restored.

Due to the non-availability of electric supply, our business units go workless and these units fail in meeting the targets, hence resulting in huge financial losses to the unit holders. School going children, Patients, tradesmen and even the women folk suffer a lot due to non-availability of electric supply. Situation in the cities is no less than the villages. Sometimes, even our health institutions and PHC’s suffer and patients get a tough time during these testing times.
Poor drainage system is another issue that gives a very tough time to people in the cities and towns of valley of Kashmir. Every time there is heavy snow, our drains in the towns and cities are blocked and all the silt and seepage flows on the roads making it impossible for commuters, shop keepers and others to tread outside. Water logging in the residential colonies of Srinagar creates immense inconvenience for the people and transporters equally suffer.
Government should keep the prediction of the metrological department into consideration and men and machinery should be put on alert before time so that we don’t have a situation anywhere in the north or south of valley.

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