Oldest And Only Yoga Centre In Kashmir At Nagdandi Trahpoo, South Kashmir

SVN Kendra needs government attention, should be developed as a spiritual centre, demand locals

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Iqball Ahmed

Swami Vivekanand Kendra located in Nagdandi area of South Kashmir’s Anantnag district is a spiritual centre of Hindus and can be developed as a centre of peace of brotherhood in the area. Established in 1939 by Swami Ashoka Nanda, the centre is the oldest “Yoga Kendra” in the valley and could well be developed as a site of pilgrimage tourism.

The Ashram remains abuzz throughout the year. The committee heading the Ashram organises multiple yoga camps and interfaith dialogue programs.

The particular area falls under Trahpoo panchayat Halqa of Achabal area. The area is popularly known as Nagdandi. In the foothills of mountains the vast area is covered with lush green pine and other trees. Icing on the cake is the presence of the eight decades old Ashram.

Spiritual Centre

On visiting the place one gets the feeling of eternal peace. Not far from the crowd, the area feels as good as paradise. On entering into the premises of the Ashram, there is a water pool with aquatic life. There are multiple small, big, old and new structures. All the structures are decorated beautifully with the stones and wood.

In conversation with Heaven Mail, Surender Dhar who is heading the management committee of the Kendra said. “The Ashram was established by Swami Ashoka Nanda ji. Under the guidance of his Guru, he came all the way from Bengal and to established the centre in Nagdandi the area was then a forest where Maharaja Hari Singh would come for hunting.”

Dhar further added that, “Falling in Halqa Trahpoo of Achabal area, The Ashram is the oldest and only Yoga Centre in Kashmir. People from all over Kashmir visit the place to learn Yoga. Many schools have visited here for special Yoga classes. Most of the people and students come from Srinagar. The Swami delivers special meditation and Yoga classes to these students and to those people who want to learn”. The locals have always been there to help in organising and managing the events, told Dhar.

“We organised many programs. Many renowned speakers from all parts spoke and expressed their views about the existence and importance of the place. In addition to this, spiritual retreat camps on the eve of Ram Navmi and Nagpanchmi, like special Pooja and Havans are being done in the Ashram every year. Huge rush devotees from all parts of the Country mark their presence and pay obeisance” Said Mr Dhar.

History Of The Ashram

Mr Dhar while narrating the history of the Ashram said, “Swami Ashoka Nanda made a ‘will’ in the favour of Eknath ji, making him his disciple and gave him the duty to look after the Ashram. From that day the Ashram is being managed and maintained by a trust named Swami Vivekananda Mission Trust.”

Dr Karan Singh, the first president of the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir, recently visited the Ashram as he had close friendship with the Swami Ashoka Nanda and now the Trust.

Of , Union Ministers, political and beaurocratic elites have visited the Ashram. We look forward that the LG administration will take every possible step to bring the Nagdandi Trahpoo village on the tourist map of Kashmir which will be beneficial for the spiritual connectivity among common masses and will promote the adjoining areas.

Total Support Of Locals

As per the Insiders the Centre was never targeted or attacked by the terrorists neither have they anytime try to discredit the Ashram activities. All the affairs of the Ashram are managed by the Trust, there is no intervention of Government. At times the Government provides the Ashram helping hand but not all time.

It will indeed be a fitting tribute to the support given by the locals if the ashram is developed for spiritual and religious tourism in the area. This will also enhance the tourism potential of the village and will add to the income and prosperity of the friendly and cooperative villagers.

The Ashram if brought on the Tourist map and developed as a tourism centre can play an important role in reviving the decades old cultural and religious heritage of Kashmir. The examples of Hindu-Muslim brotherhood could be reinvigorated if said area gains tourist importance.

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