Scientific Disposal Of Solid Waste

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Earlier this month, the top court of the country chided the administration of a district in Jammu and Kashmir for unscientific disposal of the solid waste, while underlining that it cannot play with the lives of the people.

The top court made the observations while upholding National Green Tribunal’s order, imposing fine on the particular district administration for the unscientific waste disposal. In fact, NGT and Pollution Control authorities have been every so often taking a serious view of such unscientific practice on part of the authorities concerned and even penalties and fines known as environmental compensation have been imposed. However there is any change, much less substantial, on the ground.

Solid waste management in a scientific manner is a way forward. With modern technology available globally as well within the country, the problem should be addressed before it reaches unmanageable positions. In fact, Solid waste is being used even for fuel and energy generation apart from other uses.

Its management is one of the most necessary services for maintaining the quality of life in the Urban Areas and for ensuring better standards of health and hygiene.

Households are the major source of solid waste generation. Proper storage of waste in households is a key aspect of establishing good SWM practices. It is important to segregate the Municipal Solid Waste as biodegradable waste and recyclable/ inorganic waste at the source of generation and the same needs to be implemented in letter and spirit.

In a Public Interest Litigation before the J&K and Ladakh High Court, a petitioner submitted that not only is there non-segregation of the solid waste collected but also only 10% of the segregated waste is taken to landfill sites and there is no planning about the effective utilization and conversion of the waste into productive uses. The plea before the court also states that the management of waste and waste utilization could be a valuable employment resource to the J&K.

Earlier this year, the High Court said that enough time has been granted in the past and even costs have been imposed “but with no effect.”

The observations by the court should prompt an encouraging response from the administration.

All the municipal authorities are responsible for providing basic civic amenities including solid waste management services. Municipalities have overall responsibility for Municipal Solid Waste Management.

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