“Back to village” part-4

Bringing Admin. To your Doorstep

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Jammu and Kashmir Government yesterday started the fourth phase of one of the most popular public service delivery programs, “Back to village” in all the districts of the union territory. Fifty four IAS level and hundreds of other government officials are likely to visit different areas of the UT and listen to the developmental demands and other issues of the people.
“Back to village” is a novel and most effective programs Jammu and Kashmir administration has started to bring administration to the doorsteps of the common people so that people could raise the issues they are facing and the administration would resolve the same. We have had three phases of the “Back to village” program and it has had very fruitful results with regard to the solution of problems faced by the common man.
Though democracy provides ample opportunities to every citizen of a country to approach the people at helm and raise the issues faced by him/her, but very often do we see that common man does not find access to the higher authorities and voice the concerns he/she has with regard to the basic needs and facilities. This type of a scenario results in slowing down the process of development and at times common men get disappointed with the system too.
But, we must give due credit to the present dispensation of the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir which came up with the idea of sending the top level officials to the doorstep of the common people to listen to them and address the issues faced by the common man. Let’s hope that the fourth phase of the “back to village” program goes a long way in resolving the issues faced by people especially those living in rural and far flung areas.

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