5 healthy hair habits you must incorporate into your hair care routine

Healthy hair habits are important for longer and stronger hair

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5 healthy hair habits you must incorporate into your hair care routine

Consistent healthy hair habits, over time, will result in healthier, longer hair. You may not see the difference immediately, but repeating healthy hair care practices will build the foundation to help you create a solid and successful regimen. A good hair care routine ensures that your hair stays nourished, healthy, frizz-free and strong plus it shouldn’t take too long. Your nutrition, the environment, pollution, and your general hair care routine are all essential to keeping your crowning splendour, even though genetics play a significant impact. It takes dedication to strengthen your hair and keep them appearing glossy. With a few little routine adjustments and the use of the appropriate hair care products, it’s simpler to maintain hair in its optimum state.

Frances Atulomah, Healthy Hair Coach, suggested five hair habits :

1. Limit the use of direct heat

Heat is not the enemy but, improper use of heat can be detrimental to your healthy hair care goals.

2. Minimize manipulation

Constantly touching, combing, detangling, packing, and, styling your hair can lead to unnecessary breakage. Keep your styles simple and try as much as you can to keep your hands out of your hair.

3. Always care for your ends

Your ends are the oldest part of your hair and it experiences more wear and tear. The overall health and length of your hair are greatly influenced by how you take care of it.

4. Wait at least 10 weeks before relaxing your hair

Having enough new growth, prior to your relaxer touch-up, and being consistent with a specific timeframe that works for your hair will produce good relaxer results.

5. Always pay attention to your hair

Always pay attention to the way your hair behaves. This is something you need to do routinely for a successful hair journey. Feel your hair, look at it. Does it look dry? brittle? does it feel rough? etc.

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