Back to Village programme changing the face of J&K towards betterment

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Majid Khan


The far flung areas along with rural areas had been for decades the most neglected areas in the country as far as development process goes. Same is true for Jammu and Kashmir.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi led Government has taken many initiatives to improve the well being and welfare of the people of rural areas. Jammu and Kashmir after abrogation of article 370 and under the leadership of the Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha ji has been witness to path breaking grasroot development programme in form of Back to Villages.

Grassroots Development Initiative

The LG Administration has ensured from time to time that administration reaches to the doorsteps of the people of Villages and heeds to their problems and issues. The resolution of many burning problems faced by the people living in Villages of Jammu and Kashmir has happened through this programme of Back to Village programme.
This has kept our bureaucracy and administration on toes when it comes to ensuring the worries and problems faced by the people living in rural areas of Jammu and Kashmir not only get solved but a compact road map is laid out for the development of rural areas.

Rapid Development And Progress

Back to Village programme through different phases has ensured rapid development and progress. In an optimistic development it is learnt now that The fourth phase of Back to Village Programme shall provide self-employment to around 63 thousand people, identifying 100 tourist spots, allotment of land for projects worth Rs 6,248 crore and initiation of five industrial estates.
Every phase of Back to villages was creative and ensured development goals and problems of rural areas are answered . In the Phase-I of the Back to Village was an introductory and interactive programme to understand the people’s grievances and demands, while Phase-II focused on the devolution of powers to panchayats and tried to understand how these panchayats are functioning and what are the grievances and demands.
While when The Jammu and Kashmir government embarked on the third edition of the back to village (B2V) programme, the 10-day edition focused on implementation and execution of all that was conceived and achieved in the previous two editions.
It is worth mentioning here that The third phase of the B2V programme, was described by officials as a festival of development and democracy among the masses, to make it more effective the government had earmarked over Rs 500 crore for undertaking developmental work.

Development Works In Every Panchayat

The government had made it mandatory for carrying out at least two developmental works in every panchayat. It meant that over 8,500 works were taken up in J&K, which had 4,290 panchayats.
To make the programme of Back to Villages more effective now it is learnt that The Back to Village campaign would be led by Deputy Commissioners (DCs) in their respective districts.
To make the campaign successful, the Department of Rural Development and Panchayati Raj has been made to work on toes along the all other departments.

Regular Attendance Of Employees

The Government has ensured that employees attend and participate on the key Back to Village programme with more effective manner and maintain their top efficiency while listening to the issues of masses.
The expert pulse on ground zero is that grasroot Campaigns like Back to Village are aimed at reaching out to the people on ground zero and making them part of the developmental process. Besides, the government via different phases of Back to villages programmes have ensured that the solution of problems faced by the people happens swiftly and provide them with effective services and lay firm foundation of the development.
Back to Village programme successfully being implemented in Jammu and Kashmir in coming times would certainly prove to be the role model for the rest states and Union Territories of the country. The biggest benefit of the Back to Village programme has been that it has made people the masters of governance, and policy of government is being run through the vision of the people. The hope is that with same tempo to change the face of Jammu and Kashmir towards betterment the Back to Village programme is run continuously with same tempo and enthusiasm.



The fourth phase of Back to Village Programme shall provide self-employment to around 63,000 people, identifying 100 tourist spots, allotment of land for projects worth Rs 6,248 crore and initiation of five industrial estates

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