Role Of Media In Today’s Society

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Madiha Mushtaq

Today the media has become a part of everyone’s life. Media plays a major role in today’s society. The purpose of a media is to give information about current news, gossips, fashion, and the latest gadgets in the marketplace of products and prejudices.
Society is influenced by media in so many ways. It is the media for the masses that helps the people to get information about a lot of things and also forms opinions and make a judgement regarding various issues.

Mirror Of Society

Media is considered as “mirror” of the morden society, infact it is the media which shapes our lives.
Media has had a bad effect on a generation, mainly because youth is strongly influenced by media. Whoever controls the media controls the mind. The media effects people’s perspective. Too much intervention of media in everything is a matter of concern. Media can be considered as “watchdog” of political democracy.

Media has the power to project the innocent as guilty and project the guilty as innocent. It is in the hands of the people to take control of their minds and decide what is correct

There are positive as well as negative aspects to everything. It’s on you either you use media in a positive way or for negative activities. Due to high technological development, the mass media is very closely attached our life. Media plays an important role in intercultural communication.

The Social Media

Media is also important in economic or financial prospects. It has an influence over generations from ages. Fake news make a special impact over the society. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp plays a major role. Media can play an important role in our daily life.
In today’s world, the media is the most powerful entity on earth. Media can play an important role in contemporary times. In each and every society there is high use of media. Media has a high effect on our daily life and is very difficult to stand a single day without media. Media has the power to make the innocent guilty and to make the guilty innocent, and that’s power. It is in the hands of the people to take control of their minds and decide what is correct.

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