Delusion and Deceit

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PAGD – Peoples Alliance for Gupkar Declaration was framed and formed on the August 4, 2019. The sole motive of the Gupkar Alliance at that time was to save the special status of Jammu and Kashmir. When formed all the leading political parties baring some were the part of the alliance. This time neither the motive is at its position and place neither all members are there. After the abrogation of Article 370 many big political faces were kept in the preventive custody. PAGD prominent faces like National Conference President Farooq Abdullah, former Chief Ministers Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti were also kept in the preventive detention. The PAGD meetings remained silent for more than 14 months and slowly many prominent political parties part their ways from the PAGD.

Reactivating Gupkar Alliance

When PAGD vice president Ms Mehbooba Mufti was released from the preventive detention in October 2020 the voices of PAGD again got a boost and cycle of meetings again resumed. Abdulla’s and Mufti’s on the same platform raised their voices for the identity and dignity of the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

Greed, Rivalries

In November 2020, the DDC and vacant panchayat seats of panchs and sarpanchs elections were announced in Jammu and Kashmir and all members of the PAGD decided to contest collectively under the tag line of vote PAGD to restore special status of Jammu and Kashmir. It was seen during the filing the nomination papers for DDC or Panchs and Sarpanchs there were internal rivalries on the distribution in PAGD candidates.

Initially, the sole motive of the Gupkar Alliance was to save special status of J&K. When it was formed, all the leading political parties barring some were the part of the alliance. Now, neither the motive seems important for PAGD, nor all members are there

That time Congress and People’s Conference got sidelined from the PAGD. It was also seen in many places that each party of PAGD had kept their proxy candidate if their party candidate had not got the ticket. There were many internal disputes during the elections but the elections went on successfully. After elections the name PAGD got vanished and neither any activity nor any statement was issued by the PAGD members.

For several months, PAGD got silenced and more political parties left the PAGD.

PAGD Has Lost Relevance

In June 2021 Prime Minister Sh Narendra Modi had called a meeting with the Jammu and Kashmir political leaders of regional and national parties. This time PAGD was seen again and two days before all party meet. PAGD members met and decided to go for all party meet with the Hon’ble Prime Minister. This time PAGD addressed the media and issued a statement that PAGD will go for all party meet to Delhi which was scheduled on June 24 but the main focus will be on the restoration of 4th August 2019 position and status of Jammu and Kashmir. However, it was quite evident and visible in the invitation letter which was sent to 14 political leaders of Jammu and Kashmir that the meeting is part of the Centre’s initiatives to bolster political processes, including holding assembly elections in the union territory.

Concoctions For Domestic Audience

After the meeting was over in the New Delhi, Gupkar alliance spokesperson M.Y. Tarigami said that “all members of the PAGD were disappointed at the outcome of the Delhi meeting, especially at the absence of any substantial confidence-building measures such as releasing political and other prisoners from jails and taking concrete steps to end siege and atmosphere of suppression that has choked Jammu and Kashmir since 2019”.

One is to be noticed in the above statement is that before the meeting same leaders had issued statement that we will demand restoration of Article 370 and other things and in the later statement not a single word was spoken by the spokesman about Article 370.

In the meantime the delimitation commission had invited the political parties in the Union Territory, besides five members, including two MPs from the Ruling party and three members of the NC. It had sought suggestions before redrawing the boundaries of seven new constituencies.

PAGD held many meetings regarding the revision of electoral rolls. Some RSS members also joined the meetings of PAGD. The question arises – has PAGD forgotten the core issue of restoration of special status of Jammu and Kashmir for which it was framed? Or is it hand-in-glove with RSS now?

The PAGD had again forgotten the Article 370 and it now took advantage of delimitation commission and raised their voices high against the redrawing of constituency boundaries. The delimitation process was over and it was expected that electoral process may begin soon. PAGD hold many meetings and issued the roadmap again for the restoration of the special status of Jammu and Kashmir.

PAGD And RSS Hand In Glove?

In the middle of the current year the revision of electoral rolls was issued in which chief election officer issued a notice in which non locals who are residing in the Jammu and Kashmir for more than a year were allowed to vote. And this is the chief issue for which PAGD is still on their toes. PAGD held many meetings regarding this issue and it was also seen that RSS members have also joined the meetings of PAGD.

The question at this time arises – had PAGD forgotten the core issue of restoration of special status of Jammu and Kashmir for which it was framed?

If PAGD was continuously opposing the Sanghis, why are both on the same track this time? If RSS and BJP used to call the members of PAGD Gupkar Gang, why RSS is hand in glove with PAGD?

There are two possible answers to these questions. Either PAGD had forgotten Article 370, or Sanghis who were in support of Abrogation of Article 370 had now understood that scrapping of Article 370 was not a good decision. Both PAGD and RSS should come in front of people and let them know what they want? They should understand what is the legitimate demand of people both the parties? Because it is seen in this case that two opposing forces are together. Now there seems to be no repulsion between them.

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