Shopian Killing: Mere Condemnation will not do

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Two days earlier yet another innocent life was lost when some gunmen entered Choudhri gund village and fired at a local Kashmiri pandit killing him on spot. Condemnations of this heinous crime have been pouring in from many corners and besides social, religious and political organizations, common people have also been condemning the killing. In the past two days we have witnessed many protests against the killing of Kashmiri pundits and the protesters are asking one and only one question and that is ,”How long are we going to allow this bloodshed to happen?.

During the past three decades the turmoil in kashmir has resulted in the displacement of hundreds of thousands of Pandits besides a large number of them falling to the bullets. We as a society have been watching all this happen as mute spectators and have never raise dour voice against these senseless killings. After three decades of Pandit Exodus, nothing on ground has changed for this poor community and nothing is going to change until we, as a society, raise our voice loud and clear and ask ourselves that are we going to allow all this to happen with our eyes shut?.

Central and JK Governments are to be equally blamed for the plight of kashmiri pundits as both have made promises of rehabilitation and safe return but these promises have proved to be a mere hoax till now, as both have failed in taking any concrete steps for these people. Now is the time that the central and state governments wake up and take concrete steps for the rehabilitation and safe return of the pundits. We as a society have a duty to rise to the occasion and try every bit to stop choudhri gund like incidents from taking place as we have seen a lot of bloodshed and we must not let vested interests to keep spilling the blood.

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