Premature retirement of thirty six police personnel

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Government of Jammu and Kashmir in its endeavor to make Police department more efficient and transparent, yesterday prematurely retired 36 police personnel on charges of their involvement in corruption and criminal activities. As per the order these personnel conducted their duties in ways which were unbecoming of public servants& in violation of the established code of conduct.
This step taken by the government again shows that UT administration is stuck to its policy of zero tolerance to corruption and lethargy when it comes to public service. There was a time in Jammu and Kashmir when many of the politicians would shield the corrupt practices of government officials as they would either get a share from the amount collected or the corrupt government officials would manage all the odd jobs at the minister’s home.
We had state vigilance organization and many other govt. run bodies for dealing with the corruption but these agencies were rendered as toothless tigers by the people at the helm of affairs. This had resulted into a system which was infested with corruption and common people were immensely suffering by all this.
Now that LG administration has taken very tough measures to curb the menace of corruption, the process of cleaning the system off these corrupt officials needs to be taken to its logical end. Common people have lots of expectations with the police department and they want this department to be an example of transparency and public service. But, when police personnel resort to corrupt practice and lackadaisical approach to duties, what can be expected of the departments where corruption is still the order of the day.
Acting against corrupt and lethargic government personnel will surely create a better work culture and people’s grievances would be addressed in a better and faster way and we all need to appreciate the government for this step.

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