PAGD an empty Vessel, Has nothing to offer to the people of JK

JKAP does not believe in rhetoric, Our policy is Crystal Clear: GH Hassan Mir

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Srinagar,10 Sep: Calling People’s Alliance for Gupkar Declaration (PAGD) as an empty vessel, Senior Jammu Kashmir Apni Party leader and former state minister Gh. Hassan mir has said that this alliance is based on mere rhetoric and it has nothing concrete in its kitty to offer to the people of Jammu and Kashmir. Talking exclusively to daily Heaven Mail, Gh Hassan mir said that PAGD has no clear stand and direction it has resorted merely to press statements.
“I made them an offer that if they show me the roadmap for the restoration of Article 370 and restoration of statehood, I shall follow them but they were all mum,” GH Hassan mir said adding that Jammu and Kashmir Apni party does not believe in mere rhetoric but action and action is missing on part of the PAGD. He said that people especially the youth of Jammu and Kashmir should focus on the achievable and should not waste their energies in wishing for the un-wishable.
“Jammu and Kashmir have been under Governor’s rule since 2018 and I think the Assembly election should be the first thing we should press for as LG’s rule cannot be a substitute for elected government”. Mir said
“Our Country is known all over the world for the democracy we have been able to establish but if Central Govt. thinks that peace and development are achievable only through Governor’s rule, then why don’t we dissolve all the assemblies in the country and go for the governor rule in all the states and UT’s”, Mir added.
When asked about the newly formed Gh Nabi Azad-led “Democratic Azad Party’s” probable impact on the political scenario and the Upcoming assembly election in J&K, Gh. Hassan Mir said that Gh. Nabi Azad did not part ways with the congress for any ideological differences but this party came up out of Azad’s grudge against the leadership so that it will have the least impact on other political parties than Indian National Congress.
“Ghulam Nabi Azad is welcome but he will not have any impact in the coming assembly elections as there are only a few known faces that are part of his new party and all of them are from congress”. Congress may have to bear a bit of loss in the elections and other than congress no local political party will have an adverse impact, Gh. Hassan Mir said.
Asked about his party’s agenda with which it will step into the electoral process, Mir said that Jammu and Kashmir Apni Party has a clear vision of supporting and creating a peaceful environment in Jammu and Kashmir so that we can invite investors. “If you don’t have peace around, no Investors are going to invest in Jammu and Kashmir and there will be no jobs for the youth”, Mir said adding that he will appeal to the youth of Jammu and Kashmir to support peace so that investments increase and so does the employment.
“We will strive hard to take our youth on board so that peace could be established, adding that his party’s demand from day first has been the restoration of statehood which the home minister has promised on the floor of the Parliament house and we shall keep demanding for that.

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